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Tips To Last Longer During Sex

Sex Ed

Tips To Last Longer During Sex

First of all I want to say there is a big difference in “fucking” and “sex”. I’m up for both but sex…it’s the unique amazing way to connect to your partner where emotions and urges meet and it’s just sticky kissing, hard grabbing, full deep thrusting, a lot of eye contact and to let your body go and just feel each other till you make each other cum real hard. I’m talking that first time with that girl you really like and she likes you for real. The sex might consist of less positions, less licking or sucking but the SEX itself is always amazing and that’s how it always should be.

How To Maintain An Erection

For me it’s less difficult because I love the act of sex and I’m always horny. I love woman, I’m mean really love them. So I find something sexy I like about her legs, pussy, face, the way she does something or reacts about things I do and I make them my personal porno to get extra horny in my head and that, MOST of the time, is enough to keep it up.

Tips To Delay That Orgasm

This is where you mix the fucking and the sex together and know your body. What you like and what feels good to you. Don’t get greedy and let her have some pleasure without having a lot to yourself. Find a way to put your leg or position your body so you use less effort in the trusting and try to give to her a good fucking.

Don’t put your head into it, just look at the back of her head and just go 1..2..3..4..1..2..3..4 pushing in at every count so you can cool down a bit and get your shit together so you don’t cum. BECAUSE REMEMBER, IF YOU CUM, YOU LOOSE POWER/HORNINESS. My trick for stopping an unexpected nut is pull out and take a walk. Sometimes I jump around “not high” thinking about car crashes, old old woman, or dead dogs. Whatever you find a bit repulsive and for me it takes away a bit of the feeling to cum.

Build Up Your Sexual Stamina

Sports helps but when you are fucking you use positions you don’t use during sports. Try contact sports that use a lot of explosive actions and exercises. Don’t forget FOOD. GOOD FOOD. Food is where it all begins and when you have enough energy, it’s easier to go longer but the best way to get sex stamina is sex itself. So get fucking!

Favorite Sex Position

That would be doggy style. At an angle so you don’t feel the pussy walls that much, like that I can just make it an exercise, 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4, changing tempo and so on because you’re not facing her. Now you can look around, stopping the good feeling to wanna make you cum and hold it till it’s necessary. God bless cum lovers!

Darrell Deeps -Amazing/Powerfull Lover/Fighter/Gentleman/Warrior  Love Sex and Respect Woman. “CARPENOCTEM” BITCH

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Darrell Deeps

Amazing/Powerful Lover/Fighter/Gentleman/Warrior Love sex and respect woman. "CARPENOCTEM" BITCH


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