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My Experiences As An Escort

Sex Ed

My Experiences As An Escort

Honestly, everyone should be having more sex then things would be more at ease with much less stress in our lives. It is a natural wonderful thing. I personally love it.

How I Began Escorting & Why I Love It

Oh boy, here we go….haha.

I inadvertently got started, really did. I went on a sugar baby site and the first person I met, we had an arrangement. We saw each other for 5 months while his start up business started up. Unfortunately, his business never did start up, that was sad for him and me too, I liked him. The next 2 people I met was NOT like what I had initially. I didn’t know any different, and was wondering why are we not having an arrangement and started to question what was going on. Then low and behold I met one other from the sugar site and we did a lot of talking about how when he was younger he was in some very interesting situations and that he got so and so started in the escort biz and she makes blah blah blah. The more he talked the more I listened. I knew about escorts of course, but had NO idea how it actually was right there on the internet, that easy.

So I went home and googled this woman, got the gist of it and put up some ad.

The next day he calls and said “Summer what are you doing!” I said, “You did a lot of talking, I did a lot of listening”. He said, “If you are going to do this, you need to do it right” and told me about screening, website, reviews. I was blown away at how organized it all was. He started my review page, left the first one and I was off to the races. Crazy right? See, inadvertently.

I enjoy how most people treat me, they are very happy to see me and I feel great about that. I learn different things from different people that I would have never learned had I not met them. Some bring gifts as their token of appreciation, so awesome. Some like to treat me like a princess, they go above and beyond. I am always smiling, wouldn’t you be if everyone was in awe of you!

My Specialties

Truth be told…my specialty is myself. I am genuine. I never had a game or an act. I was just me from day one and it has worked wonders. How easy it is just to be yourself! MANY, nearly everyone tells me how nice it is to be with someone who is chill and down to earth and can laugh at herself, they always use the word sexy. Pretentious is not me at all. I would be a very bad actress at this life. Just go with the flow, whatever company you may be in, you naturally go with the vibe

My Off Limits

I will not rim a man. Never, not happening. Weird, well it is a bit weird to be called mommy and tell him he is a good boy. That is indifferent, and he’s older than me. Regardless of who is older, it is weird. Mostly everything else is just people, with a fetish or fantasy. I love accommodating foot fetishes, that’s my absolute favorite. So far so good.

How I Prepare To Meet A Client

Well of course he is already screened and we have a date, time and place set. I always like to keep a tan, so I have a spray tan machine I do at home at least once a week.

I look great with a tan, makes a difference to me. I always do my makeup and my hair is simple, long straight and blonde. Depending on where we are meeting depends on what I wear. If he is coming to me I am wearing something very sexy to open the door with equally sexy lingerie to match, and always the heels, always. If he had made an outfit request in an email I accommodate that. If I am meeting him out or at his location it is a combo of classic yet sexy, and again, always those heels. What happens is a flow of conversation to get to know one another, perhaps a glass of wine. Always Moscato wine, that is my favorite. I used to like vodka on ice but it catches up quick. Then what happens…. well, a lady never kisses and tells. xoxox

Summer The One – Philadelphia’s Top 5 Consistently Rated Companions. Self described Tall Cool One, that oozes sex appeal and intelligence. Easy going, down to earth, sexy with a West Coast vibe…. The One. Lover of the Ocean, intricate artist and seasoned lover.

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Summer The One

Philadelphia’s Top 5 Consistently Rated Companion. Self Described Tall Cool One, that oozes sex appeal and intelligence. Easy going, Down to Earth, Sexy with a West Coast Vibe…. The One. Lover of the Ocean, intricate Artist and Seasoned lover.


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