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Top Tips For Hiring Your First Escort

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Top Tips For Hiring Your First Escort

Hiring an escort for the first time should be exciting; regardless of why you are wishing to hire them. That said, if you have never hired an escort before, the likelihood is that you will feel very social awkward, and you might forget anything you have ever read regarding the correct protocol. Escorts will know if it is your first time or not and will generally try to make you feel very relaxed and welcome both on the phone and in person. After all, they are providing a service which you are paying for, and they want you to come back to them. That said, they do expect a level of professionalism and politeness from you, and there are certain unwritten rules that you must quickly learn and abide by at all times.

Here are a few hints and tips for anyone who is looking to hire their first escort…

Use A Trusted Provider

There are so many different escort agencies, as well as independent escorts, if you are hiring an escort for the first time, using a well-known, and reputable escort service, such as Angels Of London, is the best way to avoid running into any trouble.

If you are looking for something in particular from your meeting with your escort such as engaging in a particular fetish, it is beneficial to go through an agency, as they will be able to match you with an escort specifically catered to your needs. Ultimately, this will mean that you will get the evening that you are hoping for.

Talk To Her Before You Meet Her

It is only polite to talk to your escort before meeting up with her. This is for several reasons. It gives you the opportunity get a feel for the escort (pardon the pun!), and tell if she is right for you but it also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that you have.

You can talk about pricing, where you are meeting, the protocol when you arrive – should you call her, or is there something else that she would prefer you to do? When you make this first contact, never do it from a blocked or private number. She simply won’t answer, and to be honest, who would blame her?

DO NOT Negotiate The Price!

Never barter or negotiate the price. Refer to it as a donation, not a fee, and do not be surprised if she asks for payment at the start of the meeting.

Remember that you are buying a service and not coming prepared with the right money, or trying to change the price during the meeting will not go down well at all and chances are she will just end the meeting there and then. Not only is it very rude, but it also puts the escort in a very uncomfortable and potentially vulnerable situation.

The same goes for offering to pay more than the agreed price for her to add a last minute extra on to the service. If you have not agreed to it beforehand, do not ask, or suggest that it happens. Instead, save it for a separate meeting.

Although a lot will come with experience, these are three important things to remember when you are hiring an escort for the first time. The most important thing to remember is to find an escort who can meet your needs, and that way you will not run into any problems with the escort, and you will have an enjoyable first experience.

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