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Model, Dancer & Performer Payton Trollman


Model, Dancer & Performer Payton Trollman

Hi Payton, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hey there everyone, my name is Payton and I go by Trixx while in my performance realm whether its dance, modeling, or makeup artistry. Born and raised in Southern California and residing in San Fernando Valley.

When and how did your interest in dance start?

At a very young age, I began moving and grooving to music videos on MTV and discovering hip hop music and the stylistic dance form that I grew up loving. I was fascinated by pop and lockers, breakers, and anyone who’s musicality was in sync to the beats. Breakin’ was a huge influence that to this day I still watch when I want to feel like a kid again.

Do you have any quotes or mottos that you live by?

Dance to express not to impress. Since middle school I realized I needed dance for myself and if it entertained others, great! I always want to inspire others to live in their passions, but remember, do it for yourself first.

Is there something you can never get enough of?

Ice cream and opportunities to create! Ice cream is the best creation and always makes me happy. Now mix that with creating in the many forms of art I love such as dance, painting, or body painting, that is my flow state.

What is a typical day like for you?

A typical day is busy busy from working hard at school to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology to getting in my ideal workout. Thankfully my workouts revolve around either aerial and pole dance training to ground work and gymnastics training. Every day brings a new exciting experience however, from performing my dance passions to modeling fashion and dance all over southern California.

What was your last movie watched and was it any good?

The last movie I watched was the live action Beauty and the Beast the night before its release because that is my favorite Disney princess movie growing up, and how I could I not watch it as soon as it came out? It did start pretty slow, but my goodness the musical numbers and beauty of the movie were extremely enchanting and I left feeling completely satisfied!

If you could go back in time to live in a historical period, which will you choose?

I’m not too sure I’d enjoy living in a different historical period, considering women have not had the most promising of lifestyles in the past centuries, but to visit just to experience would have to be the days of the renaissance and baroque art. Around 1400s to 1700s some of my most favorite artists created their works and I’d enjoy living in such a creative time in Europe.

Is there something in this world you wish would change? 

The negativity and disrespect people put on each other is horrendous and I wish with my whole heart that humans would try to be understanding of everyone’s walks of life and produce a positive environment to live in. A world with no fear or hatred would be a lovely time to live in. My goal with people and loved ones in my life is calm understanding so no judgement is ever felt and positive attitudes are shared.

It is a pleasure to feature you Payton. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Thank you again for this opportunity to open up about myself and share my beliefs about some pretty intense topics of life. Defining sexy includes a person’s way of thinking and how they carry themselves in life. A person who has confidence and knows their self-worth while being a good person for themselves and their loved ones is a unique trait that I want more people to exude because that is sexy.

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