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London Cosplay Model Summer Knight


London Cosplay Model Summer Knight

Hi Summer it is a pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Yey! Well I’m a cosplay model from the UK, London specifically. Long time nerd! I like to spread body positivity and love into my community and I’m always up for having fun. I mainly focus on cosplay boudoir and my very sexy versions of some of my favorite characters form film, games, anime and TV. I love to cosplay and craft I’ve been cosplaying since late 2015 and loved it every step of the way!

What is the best compliment you have received?

Well as someone who gets the same old compliments like “hot” “sexy” “best waifu” etc, I’d have to say my best compliment was done in person by a sweet lady at a con, she told me I was an inspiration I was so brave and I gave her the confidence to cosplay a character even when she felt she was too big for it. It warmed my heart to know that I can give someone the confidence to cosplay and feel good in their own skin no matter the size <3 and being told that is probably the best compliment of all.

What do you find most challenging about cosplaying?

It’s not the crafting, or the hot glue burns….it’s not the long photo shoots or the conventions being too crowded … it’s the hate you get after all that after you spend hours, days, months on a cosplay after putting your heart and time into that cosplay because you love that character then someone comes by and shits all over it …. For me and I know many others, that’s the most challenging thing about cosplay… and frankly it’s something that shouldn’t happen.

Which characters have you enjoyed cosplaying most so far?

Mario! By far is my favorite cosplay so far, it was so freeing and fun to be in. I was able to run around and dance without the restrictions of armor or a risky nip slip if you move a certain way it was amazing and what made it 10000% cooler was I got to do it with my best friend, she was my Luigi!

How will you describe a typical day for yourself?

To be honest not a lot , I reply to fans, organize, eat a lot of food, procrastinate and cry… a lot. I do a lot of art in my daily life. I make learning crafts for kids who have learning disabilities and I make a lot of cosplays and plan shoots, keep up to date with my Patreon and I really like talking to fans and interacting with them on my Instagram and Patreon.

Do you have any phobias?

To be honest no… or none that I know of anyway.

Is there anything about people you just don’t understand or comprehend? 

Why do people hate others and feel the need to voice their opinions and make that person feel bad about something they are doing or something they are enjoying if it isn’t hurting anybody, there’s no reason to be a dick to them about it. It’s very easy to scroll past something you don’t like…so why not do it? I don’t understand peoples’ obsession with making others feel bad, their life must be so sad and boring that that have to obsess about others instead of worrying about their own life.

What is the lamest pickup line or attempt a guy has tried to know you? 

Lamest? Hmmm to be fair most pickup lines are lame, they don’t work on me… or anyone I’ve met. But I’ve gotten a few funny ones that just make me laugh. I think some of the sexy Mario ones make me laugh the most like this one.

Bowser is red, sonic is blue, DAMM Mario come level up on my shroom

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Summer. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

Confidence, because it doesn’t matter what size, shape, race or gender you are, if you’re confident and you know that you’re beautiful….well, that’s all the sexy I need <3

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Images courtesy of Summer Knight

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