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Vancouver Model Kaoru Hayabusa


Vancouver Model Kaoru Hayabusa

Hi Kaoru it is a pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

I am so excited to be a part of this and thank you for checking out my works 🙂

I was born and raised in Indonesia before I moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada about 10 years ago. Most of my education had been done back home though I went to part time school for a bit while in Vancouver for couple years. I migrated to Canada on my own, leaving my family and everything behind at home which was the biggest decision I have made as of now. In 2012, I obtained Canadian citizenship. I have been working full time in the office, in my spare time; I enjoy traveling, modeling, photography and hiking/snowshoeing. Aside from English and Bahasa (my native language) I speak some Japanese and a little bit of Mandarin. I have extensive interests toward Japan and its goods and cultures, if I have the opportunity I intend to strengthen my ability to understand and speak Japanese.

Photo: Aparte Photography, Website:

What do you love about modeling?

A lot of great aspects about modeling. I can just simply be myself, or even transfer myself into someone else, anyone and anything. I don’t limit myself to the specific genre of modeling. I have done a lot of variety: Fashion/Editorial, lifestyle, cosplay, cross-play/dress, boudoir, glamour, fine art nudes, sketch model, erotic nudes and even bondage and I embrace challenges to keep exploring.

Do you have any hobbies?

I cannot express through words how much I love outdoor activities, hiking/snowshoeing in particular, and in general I just enjoy to be outside surrounded with nature. I love recreational bike as well as singing too. Based on what people complimented I can sing quite well, plus I am able to sing in different languages (English, Mandarin, Indonesian, and Japanese). I occasionally do some photography as well, but still learning.

Photo: Dkenz Yap, IG @dkenz

How much of a party animal are you?

Not at all. I dislike parties 😛

Which is your proudest achievement so far?

Get interviewed with SimplySxy. We should all start somewhere, right? 😉

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Are you more of a bikini or lingerie babe?

I like both but I think lingerie is more interesting as it have larger range of variety of look and usually are more “sexually” appealing, lingerie also tend to look more mature and elegant.

Photo: Scott Chin, Website:

If you could describe yourself as a flavor, what will it be?

Vanilla – though I actually love multiple flavors of ice cream like Pistachio, Almond, Salty Caramel, or Rum Raisin 😀

What is the lamest attempt a guy has tried to hit on you? 

I am not comfortable to be approached by strangers, especially in public places. Once in a while a guy or two will come and compliment me like “You have a really hot body” and some are more vulgar like “I want to do you every nights”, but in my experience, the worst was some guy popped up in one of the nude beaches in Vancouver during one of the photo shoot, picked a spot nearby we shot and took his pants off then started masturbating.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Kaoru. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Being confident and intelligent, because we will shine when we feel most comfortable and happy with the way we are, plus the eyes. I find lively and expressive eyes speak more than words.

Thank you so much for having me 🙂 – It’s my pleasure to be a part of this interview.

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