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Canadian Fashion Enthusiast Moonie Moua


Canadian Fashion Enthusiast Moonie Moua

Hi Moonie it is a pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hi! I am Moonie and I have a corky, boyish, and fun personality even though I dress more feminine than I act. Growing up I was the biggest tomboy until I hit the end of high school, where I was trying to figure out my style. Ever since then fashion has been a big part of my life. Like most girls, I love make up and have an obsession with lipsticks and experiment with all lips brands. Oh wait! Can’t forget that I love food, especially raw salmon! Enough talk about me and now to go on with where I live. I live in Canada in a town called Waterloo and I’ve been living here my whole live. You would imagine me loving the cold winter weather here in Canada but I actually despise the cold! Also, no I do not live in an igloo!

How will you describe your fashion style?

I would describe my style as minimal and unique. It is a little challenging when one asks about my style, in all honestly, I tend to go for whatever meets my eye. I love showing a bit of skin when it comes to clothing that ranges from showing the shoulders, collarbone, and stomach. Crop tops are my favorite and I can’t purchase t-shirts that go past my waist. I find that long shirts look odd with jeans. Anything with cuts, I love, and also if I see an extravagant article of clothing, I automatically purchase it without a doubt! I detest colours in clothing, while red and muted colours is the only consideration. Therefore most articles of clothing in my wardrobe are monochromatic.

What is your secret to looking so fantastic?

First off I would say, to looking fantastic, just don’t give a dahm about what others think. If you want to portray your style then go for it! I have beauty routines such as, facemasks, cleansers, and exfoliating. Other than that I am a night animal that sometimes sleeps at the latest 4am, I won’t be recommending that secret for anyone!

Do you have a preferred side when taking selfies?

Actually I do have a preferred side, well two! I take selfies while angling my head downwards or to my left side. I find that those angles portray my better sides. In reality, when taking selfies I go crazy and just move my head anywhere!

How much of a party animal are you?

Growing up in high school I was a really shy kid who didn’t like to converse with many people. After getting my first job at a university it was my job to converse with students. After that job I learned how to open up with others and become more talkative. Partying? Don’t get me started! I love EDM and when my jam comes on I literally dance my butt off. I love those funny events and stories after a good party! I don’t consider my self a big party animal, but I can be when I want to be!

If you could choose to learn anything in this world, what will it be?

Music has been my background for a while and singing was my forte. Because of that I somewhat learned the guitar, but I am far from mastering it. If I would learn anything in the world, I would learn how to play more instruments. I am always inspired my others who play the violin and piano so beautifully.  Hopefully in the near future I will take on the challenge.

Which is the funniest or embarrassing moment that has happened to you?

This is both a funny and embarrassing story! Before my boyfriend and I were dating, we were invited to stay over my cousin’s condo for a hang out, and I had the biggest crush on him at the moment. We went down for a swim on the bottom floor, and after that swim we took the elevator back up, being me… I didn’t bring any bags to hold my clothes, so it was all juggled in my arms. While we were walking back my panties fell, and he picked them up and handed them to me and was like… Uhmm are these your underwear? I quickly snatched them away and rush into the room. It was before I got into my stage of wearing prettier undies! These undies had puppies and hearts on them!!! I was so embarrassed. But now it’s such a funny story!

How will you describe an ideal first date? 

Going to somewhere where you can have fun and talk or get to know each other. To me, setting is not important. Being with that person is enough. I don’t have ideals on a lot of things, because sometimes those ideals are not met. I consider myself as a laid back person whom you can literally be yourself with and nothing too fancy. All in all, a first date should just be simple and a way to get to know each other.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Moonie. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

This is a very generic answer, but I define sexy as being confident. Nothing is sexier than being confident in yourself. Rock everything that you are! Simple as that!

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