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Why I Love Interracial Sex

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Why I Love Interracial Sex

Sex never meant anything to me until I fell in love which was just over a couple years ago. Since I lost my virginity at 14, it never meant anything. I never needed a connection with anyone to have it. I never really needed to even like that person. I almost felt obligated to have sex at one point in my life. Then I started porn and sex meant money after that. Never needed to feel anything with that person. It’s all just acting and doing your job. Then I fell in love… sex with that person was the first time sex had any meaning to me. I guess I kinda felt like that is what sex is for… that right there. That feeling. All in all, I think sex is something fun that everyone does. And it doesn’t have to mean there are any obligations or strings attached. It could be just something to do.


How I Started Loving Interracial Sex

I have always liked black men. I really liked Usher and Nelly when I was like 10. And my first black boyfriend, I was 15. Sex with a black man had always turned me on more then a white guy. Maybe cause I am attracted to them more.

How Is Interracial Different?

Well it really depends on what the interracial sex is. Because it could be a white person and a Hispanic and that is considered interracial. I’ll talk what I know best about, and that is black and white sex. I feel like it is different because I am more turned on by black skin. I am more turned on by their hair. Pretty much by everything about them. And not to stereotype that typically black guys have bigger dicks. And that is my favorite part.


Why I Love It!

BBC! Haha no but seriously. I’ve already got it set in my mind that sex with black guys is better then whites. A lot of people may get upset about that statement but everyone has their preferences. It’s just what I like, can’t change it.


Tips To Try Interracial Sex

Well, if you don’t like the person of the race you are going to fuck, I wouldn’t do it. But if you are attracted to the person then what is the hesitation? I know some people were raised differently and some people may be scared of the BBC but honestly if you are curious, then fucking do it. Just wear a condom, ALWAYS.

If the dick is bigger then what you are used to, then I suggest using a lot of lube. I had a scene with Mandingo and I was so nervous. But I got there and the excitement got me super wet and lubed. Fit like a GLOVE.

Sheena Rose – Raised in Cali but resides in Vegas. Been doing adult work for almost 3 years now. And likes to smoke weed. Follow Sheena on Twitter @SheenaRose92, Instagram @SheenaRose92 and Snapchat @SheenaRose92

Sheena Rose is working on her clips4sale store so stay tuned to a lot of content coming up!!!

Images courtesy of Sheena Rose
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Sheena Rose

Raised in Cali but I reside in Vegas. Been doing adult work for almost 3 years now. And I like to smoke weed.


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