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Is It Fine To Have Sex Before Marriage?

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Is It Fine To Have Sex Before Marriage?

Does being sexually active needs to be only inside a marriage relationship? What happens if you have sex before you get married? This is a very controversial topic. A lot of things go into deciding what is ok and what is not.

For everyone, sex comes with responsibilities. It does tend to emotionally bond you to the person you are physically active with, especially if you’re a woman. Women easily get emotionally attached on matters if that person is right or wrong. Once sex enters the equation, the relationship between two people, will be never the same.

Sex plays a big role in marriage. Just like married couples may want to discuss children, religion, and where you both want to live after tying the knot, sex is too an important part of a relationship and it cannot be left to a by-chance situation. Having a sexual desire is normal and healthy; however it isn’t a good idea to not satisfy it and to wait until you get married. Many times, couples rush into marriage just to have sex as they do not want to indulge in premarital sex, which is a very bad idea for them. Things like proper use of birth control, self-respect, and respect for each other is a must.

A person cannot be considered a bad person, just because he or she had sex before marriage. Not everyone is great in bed, and most people do not start out good at all but gradually learn with time and experience. Wanting to have a good sex life would only be possible if you listen to your partner and are able to respond accordingly. Not every newly married couple will be open about their sexual desires, fearing of what the other person may think of them. Meaningfulness in sex is a psychological matter, and related to the stability and happiness of any relationship and not only married life. Sex needs to be fully consensual and focused on pleasure for both the partners, whether married or premarital. Sexual compatibility matters a lot in married relationships, and bad sex, for many people, may lead them to think about ending their marriage. .

While women are bold and empowered today. They are ready to embrace their sexuality, whereas the male mindset has hardly changed. The need of a virgin bride still holds on. In the earlier times, getting married was all about finding the right partner with a stable financial security with a respectful social status. These rules are not relevant any more. Today, men and women are experimental and want to be compatible with their partners in every way, emotional, physical or sexual. Young couples are more westernized, and do not find it to be incorrect to indulge in casual sex.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your sexuality is your own personal choice. Nobody should be allowed to give you directions on whom you should love and why. For just rushing into a marriage out of desperation to have sex that isn’t seen as sin, at times, may then lead to divorces.

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