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Ways To Last Longer During Sex

Sex Ed

Ways To Last Longer During Sex

To me sex is a language where the body expresses what the mind feels. Which means that the “conversation” can only be as good as the connection between the sex partners. And it’s also the only universal language anybody and everybody can understand regardless of  your age and where you’re from.


Alex legend w Alix Lynx and penny Pax Spoon

Ways To Maintain An Erection Longer

First it takes some serious stamina, the best way I found to build some is by keeping up with a serious workout routine and also prolonged fuck sessions in my personal life. The reason for that is simple, you need the muscles and core from working out but then there’s a kind of endurance that you can only build with long and sweaty sex seshs.

Eating right and taking vitamins are also big part of it since “you are what you eat”. So I would definitely recommend to have a good meal a few hours before attempting a marathon fuck session cause no one would start a road trip with only a gallon or two left in the tank and your body is no different. The choice of food and amount is different from one person to another so the best way to learn about your body is trial and error so you can figure out what works best for you.

And last but not least, the girl or girls you’re shooting the scene with can change the vibe a great deal between having an “easy day” or a long one cause ultimately it takes (at least two) to tango and there’s only so much one of the partner can do without the help of the other one(s).


Doggy Alex Legend Vyxen Steele

Tips To Delay Orgasms

For me there are positions where I can come pretty easily and some where it probably only happened once or twice so I would say if you feel you’re getting close trying switching position to something where it’s usually hard for you to come and go back to the easy one when you feel that it’s the right to pop.

Also it’s always nice to switch to some pussy eating / ass licking anytime during sex, either because you’re getting close to come or because you need to take a little break and the best part about that is that your partner is gonna appreciate that much more having sex with you if she can sit on your face in the middle of a pounding marathon.

Alex Legend w Aubrey Gold Standing Reverse

Alex Legend w Aubrey Gold Standing Reverse

Exercise To Have More Stamina

Yeah totally, sex is a full body workout so be sure to remember that while at the gym and not skip leg day cause you need your legs just as much as anything else. So yeah, a full body workout is the best, doesn’t need to be all in one gym sesh, it can be split up during the week, it all depends of how much time you have to work out.

A good way to find a routine and track it down is to use a free app anyone can download called Bodyspace, there’s a lot of really good routines on there. One muscle group probably more important than any other one when it comes down to having sex is your core, so make sure to incorporate 10/15 minutes of core / abs at the end of every workout, it doesn’t have to be the same exercises all the time, switch it up, make it fun!

And for that, planking is probably the best core / abs exercise you can do. Alternate front plank with side plank on each side, use a timer, you can start with only 15 seconds segments and build up from there, try to not take any break and do a few sets of front, left, right back to back so you can feel the burn!

Alex Legend w Natasha Nice and Penny Pax Missionary

Alex Legend w Natasha Nice and Penny Pax Missionary

Sex Positions To Last Longer

I think for guys in general, it’s always good to alternate positions where the guy is doing most of the work with positions where the girl is doing more, so you can have a little bit of that push / pull dynamic. So for example, doing doggy then cow girl then missionary then reverse cow girl… Spoon is also a good one to start slowly or to take it a little easy in the middle if both partners need a little breather, but for that as I mentioned earlier, you can also do a little pussy eating or 69. Once again, all that really depends on both partners preferences and I think the key to any fun fuck session is the level of communication and understanding between the sex partners cause ultimately everybody is in the same team and the goal is for everybody to come!

Alex Legend is a French male performer who’s been in the adult industry for 2 years now. He’s easy to remember  with his tattoos and abs of steel. With his side kick Penny Pax he has been performing, directing and producing for their upcoming sites! Follow him on Twitter @AlexLegendxXx, Instagram @TheRealAlexLegend, Snapchat @AlexLegendxXx, and website

Alex is gonna have a new website launching in a couple months, so be ready for that. Meanwhile he has been busy working on Penny Pax’s new site which is launching this week and is in a lot of her scenes for anyone who can’t wait for my site to be up. Also he wrote the music for her site trailer and is back in the game of writing and producing music so for more infos about that, check his twitter and instagram. And last but not least Alex likes to thank all the fans supporting him, without them none of that would be possible so Thank You!

Images courtesy of Alex Legend
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Alex Legend

Alex Legend is a French male performer who’s been in the adult industry for 2 years now. He’s easy to remember with his tattoos and abs of steel. With his side kick Penny Pax he has been performing, directing and producing for their upcoming sites!


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