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Miss HIN Minneapolis 2015 Tiffany Tran


Miss HIN Minneapolis 2015 Tiffany Tran

Hi Tiffany, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions on SimplySxy.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hi SimplySxy. Thank you for having me. It is a honor to be part of your interview. So a little about me… where do I possibly start? Well first off, I am a college student, model, ring girl, traveler, doodler, and curious dreamer. I attend the University of Minnesota. I want to get into business. Not exactly sure what part of business I am going for exactly yet. But, I am leaning towards marketing for now. As for where I am from, my college may have given away where I am based. I am born and raised in Minnesota. You could say I am the overall Midwest girl who will always be grounded to her family here but loves traveling out of states to experience new things and meet new people.


How did you get started into modeling and what do you enjoy about it?

So as a kid growing up, I had really low self esteem and confidence in myself. I thought of myself as awkward and nerdy. But, I have an uncle who is a photographer, I did a couple fun test shoots with him because we were bored but I found myself very free in front of the camera and I loved that feeling. A family friend of mine urged me to go to an agency and surprisingly I got in.

From there I started networking around, but Minnesota’s market for modeling is not that big. So I didn’t think much of it until I accidentally won the title of Miss Hot Import Nights (HIN) Minneapolis 2015. Winning that title, kicked off my modeling career like no other. The thing I most enjoy from modeling might have to be meeting new people and creating amazingly beautiful pictures. I always have a blast when I am at a photoshoot and working with a team. But what I really appreciate from modeling is how it brought my confidence out and my self-esteem up.


Which is your most memorable shoot or event so far?

I kind of answered this earlier, but the most memorable event has got to be winning the title of Miss HIN Minneapolis 2015. The reason for it was because it was so unexpected. I originally went to the event as a spectator only because I had a friend, whose car was in the show. But when I got there, one of HIN’s staffs asked me to be a part of the Miss HIN Search. I had no idea what that was, but it sounded fun and it could hurt to try. So I ended up getting up on stage and having a blast. I was so surprised when I was announced the winner. The shocked looked on my face must have been priceless.

Photo: Chris Chor Photography

Photo: Chris Chor Photography

What is the experience like being a ring girl and do you follow the fights too?

I would have to say ring girl and modeling are very similar. The only difference would have to be instead of always looking into a camera and posing, you are looking at the audience and informing them what round of fight it is with a bubbly smile. As for following the fights, I come from a family full of boys who does and teaches jiu jitsu at a school called M-Theory Martial arts, so whenever there is a big UFC fight I have no choice but to follow up on it. Sort of like being on a family band wagon.


Which is one embarrassing incident that has happened to you?

Oh I have so many embarrassing moments. I am so awkward, clumsy, and should probably have caution tape wrapped around me. With all that, I sometimes wonder how I am I am still here in one piece. But one of my most memorable would have to be the time when I was hanging out with my cousin and we were petting an adorable puppy in front of a restaurant. My cousin was talking to the owner of the dog while I was petting it but for some reason I did not realise my mouth was opened and I accidentally drooled and almost hit the dog. My cousin thought it was the dog drooling and commented, “aww look at him drool!” then realized it was me who was drooling and the owner and him was looking at me all crazy. To this day, my cousin has not let it go and will forever bring it up.

Photo: hmong2iphotography

Photo: hmong2iphotography

What about the opposite sex attracts you?

There are a few key things that makes me really attracted to a guy. The first is confidence. A man who knows what he likes, wants, and needs is a man worth having. The second is a gentlemen who knows how to treat his lady. I grew up with extremely traditional parents so I do believe in chivalry. But all those things I listed are more on the serious note, if a guy can make me laugh and giggle, I know we’ll get along just fine.


Photo: Jeff Hiedeman Photography

The sexiest item in your wardrobe? 

I would have to say the sexiest item I own might have to be my black silk robe from Victoria’s Secret. People are probably surprised that I did not say lingerie or something along that line. But I think my black silk robe is super sexy for multiple reasons. 1: who doesn’t like the color black? 2: who doesn’t like the feeling and looks of silk. 3: it covers only a little past my booty, so it gives room for some imagination. 4: imaginations can lead to fantasies and who doesn’t like a teasing fantasy?


Worst pickup line or attempt a guy has tried to know you?

I don’t know about other girls, but I find it extremely creepy when strangers I have never met, off the bat call me pet names such as babe, hun, or sweetie in a flirtatious manner. I get creeped out and just want to say, “Bro, you don’t know me like that.” I also have had guys who attended my high school and never even talked to me approach me or message me on social media, telling me, “oh, I should have talked to you back then cause you’re so hot now.” I am not sure if that was a compliment or a diss about my past.


It’s a pleasure to feature you Tiffany. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Once again, thank you for having me, the pleasure is all mine. Well for sexy, many would associate it with the physical body. I personally think sexy is how one carries themselves. Meaning, how do they show their confidence, pose, personality, passion, goals, etc. But at the end of the day a little flirtatious never hurts.

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