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Sexy Reads – The Courtesan Handbook

Sexy Reads

Sexy Reads – The Courtesan Handbook

Do you dream of designer clothes, fine jewelry, five star dining, and vacations to luxury resorts? For centuries, certain women have made their living simply by living a fantasy lifestyle. Historically, such a woman was called a “courtesan.”

Today, women who live this luxury lifestyle, and get paid to do so, are known as “high-end escorts.” It is a world that can provide a woman with financial security in addition to glitz and glamour. It has also been a world that few have been able to enter. Until now.

In The Courtesan HandbookArden Moon mentors her readers using her years of experience and a passion for the art of escorting. The author has had enormous success in the industry both before and after the business transitioned into a mainly digital industry. Escorting can lead to an incredible lifestyle for any woman. However, entering the upper echelon and mastering the craft is virtually impossible without the sort of valuable knowledge offered within this book. If you have ever thought about being an escort or are a novice wishing to expand your knowledge and increase the caliber of your clientele, then The Courtesan Handbook is your perfect step-by-step guide.



After getting down to you under clothes the fun begins. In my sexy bra and matching g-string I’ll ask him to lay face down. From my bag I pull out the massage oil and harm a bit between my hands. Take the warm oil and spread it across his back. Gently spread it over the entire back area and across the shoulders. Start with the neck area and a gentle kneading motion. Begin to work your way down to the shoulder blades.

Be sure to pay equal attention to both sides. You will work your way down the back to you get to the lower back, the lumbar region. If he still has on his boxers then this is a good time to slowly remove them. After you have slipped them down and off around the ankles. Begin to massage his lower back and buttocks area. Now you want to turn this to more of a full body massage. By this point you are most likely a good 20 minutes into your hour. Begin to stimulate him sexually at the very base of his back and his buttocks. I suppose most would refer to that as the booty crack. Do this with your tongue, an exposed nipple, or by blowing gently blow on the oil.


However, if you want him to cum good oral skills can be a blessing. Many times men have a hard time reaching ejaculation with a condom. Many times I have lubed again and again followed by every position. Some men will not be able to cum with a condom on. You will want to have good oral skills to help finish him off. Good technique includes if you are able to take most of him in your mouth. Men who enjoy this typically enjoy nice long strokes with both mouth and hand. I find in this area men are never shy to let you know what they like. If you do this while gently stroking the shaft you may get a quick response. Other men are what I refer to as ‘headers’. This means the tip of the penis just under the head is their weak spot.

Often licking just right, along with sucking a stroking of the head will also bring a man to his knees. A type of stroke for those with a sensitive tip is called ‘the twist’. The twist is where you take him in your mouth about half way down the shaft. Usually just enough the make it moist and warm. You stroke the shaft but alternate with you mouth and hand caressing around the tip. As you bring you hand to the top of the penis you twist your wrist. This creates a rotating sensation as you come up and go back down the head. This followed by your mouth causes and unending chain of stimulation. Learning to control the stimulation is important. Your client will probably tell you when is he is getting ready to reach his peak. By this point it may be too late to turn back. Learning to control the action is important and only comes with practice.

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Image courtesy of Arden Moon

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Arden Moon

I'm Arden Moon a career courtesan and industry adviser. When I'm not planning the next erotic adventure. I can be found enjoying my fitness routine, golf or writing. I've authored two books relating to the internet escorting industry. Residing in the playground called Las Vegas. Life is a non stop party. You can catch me in a city near you as I tour the US in 2016.


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