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Med Student And Fitness Enthusiast Clarice Yeo


Med Student And Fitness Enthusiast Clarice Yeo

Hi Clarice, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions on SimplySxy.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hi SimplySxy! Thank you for interviewing me 🙂 I’m very flattered haha! I’m currently turning 21 in October this year and I’m a medical student in the Nanyang Technological Univeristy (NTU). I’m from Singapore 🙂


How will you describe your fashion style?

Homeless. I’m chilling in my sweats with my hair up 90% of the time. Either that, or I wear a dress because I’m way too lazy to pick out two articles of clothing. Haha but when I do actually bother to dress up, I make sure I’m never half-assed about it. I’d describe it as bold but not outrageous – the fine line between attention-grabbing and over the top.

How did your develop an interest in fitness and what is your workout regime like? 

I had serious body image issues when I was growing up, so I started out purely with the intention of wanting to lose weight. I did a lot of cardio and I joined a sport, where my coach first introduced me to weights training. However, I only started developing a real interest in fitness when I used to go out with someone from our local fitness industry.

In the beginning, all I wanted to do was to know more about fitness just to understand more about his lifestyle and passion. He debunked so many myths about fitness that I initially had, the most important one being that girls would look manly if they started lifting heavy, taught me so much about diet and nutrition, as well as motivated me. I also started to get to know more people in the local fitness industry, all of whom made a contribution in kickstarting my fitness journey, be it bringing me into gyms, giving me advice or drafting out workout plans for me.

As for my workout regime, I train on average 6 times a week, making sure that I hit every muscle group at least twice each week.

Do you have any guilty indulgences when it comes to food?

I strongly believe that there are no bad foods, only bad portions. One piece of chocolate isn’t going to set you off from your fitness goals if you’re able to fit it into your diet to suit your daily macronutrient needs. That being said, I definitely have a weakness for dessert and pancakes. I’m always saving up calories just so I can eat those.


What’s the sexiest item in your wardrobe?

Can I please not talk about my underwear on the internet lol.

What is the secret behind you looking so gorgeous? 

Haha wow this question definitely threw me off, thanks for thinking that I’m gorgeous. I am not trying to humble brag or fish for compliments here but very honestly in my own opinion, I think that I’m very average looking. If you have a different opinion from that, I’m definitely flattered. Just that occasionally, I make the effort to dress up, look nicer than usual, spend a bit more time trying to get my camera angles right. This is the only part that you get to see on the Internet. I don’t live up to that all the time, in the same way I don’t live up to my passport photos and yearbook photos all the time lol.

Lamest pickup line or attempt a guy has used on you? 

I can’t decide which is worst lol.

1. Girl, I’m white. From Switzerland. You like?
2. King Solomon had 700 wives because he never met you


If you had the chance to travel to anywhere in the world, where will it be and why?

Jeff Seid’s bedroom 😉 because he’s the sexiest man alive and I’m a creep.

It’s a pleasure to feature you Clarice. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexy is the fine line between suggestive and explicit 😉 don’t cross it.

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