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Quick Tips To Give Her Great Oral Sex

Sex Ed

Quick Tips To Give Her Great Oral Sex

I used to think that sex is definitely an act to be done with attractive people. But my new fantasy is having sex with several people, both females and males and enjoy the pleasure and shout together instead of focusing on beauty. I want to experience it in a dark room with a red sofa and a bed covered with red silk sheets. The color red turns me on a lot. So do heels, jewelry and men in suits. The contradiction in elegant wear and a kinky action is what makes it so attractive to me. And a dark setting covered with red furniture is making it feel like a dream in Wonderland. Darkness makes me forget about everything and live the moment, while red reminds me of pleasure. I’m a total fantasy person.


My First Time Receiving Oral

It was tickling. Sticky saliva didn’t feel as pleasurable at that moment because I was thinking of how weird the feeling was.

My Favorite Position

69. In this way I can give him one, too. It’s nice to have both of us moaning of pleasure.

Is Experience Crucial?

I always liked older men so I’m into wisdom in all meanings. That’s what it takes to be a man.

Worst Oral Sex Experience

Using teeth or hurting me with his beard.

Tips For Guys To Follow

Stretch the skin upwards, then move his head up and down fast on my clit smoothly. The tongue must not be inside, but touching it slightly.

Katia Klein is a fresh adult talent. She is 20, from Slovakia and is 5’9” inches tall.

Images courtesy of Katia Klein
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Katia Klein

Katia is a fresh adult talent. She is 20 and from Slovakia. This girl is 5’9” inches tall.


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