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Interview with model and talent Elaine Loh


Interview with model and talent Elaine Loh

Who is Elaine Loh?

My name is Elaine, I am 19 this year and I live and was born in Singapore. Currently a student studying in a private institution, pursuing Diploma in Business & Law. In my free time I would take up freelance job such as being an event model or taking up some modeling assignments to earn some “quick cash”.

Your most memorable highlight or achievement so far?

Stopped raising my hands for pocket money from my parents since I was 14/15 years old is the most memorable highlight so far, the next will be my upcoming project!


What is your favourite past time ?

Scrolling through Carousell (a platform where people buy and sell their items on) and reading Archie comics recently is my current favourite past time.

Most embarrassing thing you’ve experienced?

I suppose that the most embarrassing thing I have ever experienced is when I thought I am as small as a size ‘xs’ and struggled to try the pants in ‘xs’ at the store’s fitting room telling the retail assistant that I am fine.

Three things you can’t live without?

The three things I cannot live without are my selfie camera, my make-ups and FOOD!!

If you had the chance to time travel, past or present, where will it be?

If I had the chance to time travel, it would most definitely be in the present. I believe that whatever that had happened in the past shall stay as a past and most definitely happened for a reason.


Do you have a preferred side when taking selfies?

Yes, just like most girls do. My most preferred side would be the left side of my face when taking selfies.

What’s the sexiest thing in your wardrobe?

Some lacey thongs and lingerie from LaSenza!

Your favourite body part?

My favourite body part in a general question will be the thigh and the butt. However, chest for guys. Haha!

What’s sexy to you?

Sexy to me is someone having this strong character and the kind that does not bare skin to be labeled as sexy.

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Instagram: @nudyskulls

Images courtesy of Elaine Loh

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