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Event talent Carmen Ho is one tough babe


Event talent Carmen Ho is one tough babe

Who is Carmen Ho?

Hi! My name is Carmen and I am from Singapore! I am currently an undergraduate taking my degree in marketing and management.


How did you get into modeling?

I wouldn’t label myself as a model. I prefer to be called an event talent. My friend asked me if I wanted to work for this event which was for a Dior conference and ever since then, I have been working on and off as a event talent.

Which is your most memorable highlight so far?

IT Show! I worked for Casio, I love the fact that the girls made work so fun that I enjoyed every moment of it. Come to think of it, I really miss it!

What’s the most embarrassing or funny moment you have seen or experienced in one of your modelling events or photoshoots?

There was this guy who wanted to take a picture of my friend and I but he had a bad reputation in the photography  industry. Thus, we rejected him but he persisted, thus my friend used her camera and suggested to him, how about we take a photo of him instead. I was laughing at the side as I didn’t expect my friend to react that way!


Are you a foodie?

Definitely yes! I enjoy food so much, I feel it’s a joy to eat! My mum usually says to be able to eat is a blessing. Additionally I love watching Master Chef at odd hours and get myself really hungry!

Three things you can’t leave home without?

My phone, wallet and earpiece.


If you had the chance to time travel, past or present, where will it be?

Those days as a carefree child, where I had no worries except passing my exams haha.

How will you describe your fashion style?

My fashion style changes time to time, it really depends on the mood of the day or how the weather is. But I am more inclined to dark colours.

What’s the sexiest thing in your wardrobe?

My black plain fitted dress.

Do you have any hobbies?

I do boxing and Muay Thai!


What’s sexy to you?

Well, sexy is to be confident of you who are inside. Be gracious and kind.

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Instagram: @c.cmho


Images courtesy of Carmen Ho

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