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Oral sex mistakes men make

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Oral sex mistakes men make

I love everything about receiving oral sex! It’s just something so raw, animalistic, and taboo about oral sex. The fact that some consider it “dirty” is a huge turn on. But, in detail, I love to cum in my man’s mouth and all over his face. There’s definitely nothing hotter than looking down and watching a guy please you with his lips, fingers, and tongue.

What I love…

I love a man that just dives in it and makes it fun. I like it when he sticks his tongue inside my pussy, sucks on my clit, and alternates his tongue and fingers. Fast or slow just depends on the mood at the time. I like them both.

I also like to play/experiment so I love a man that’s open to that. Use ice, fruits, etc. Play with different pressures, and speeds. Give me multiple orgasms; I mean I like to cum at least twice before I have sex. It gets my pussy hungry, wet, and very sensitive.

Mistakes men make…

First, let me start by saying that you really have to understand that each woman is different, and have different preferences. You cannot, I repeat, cannot do the exact same thing every time thinking that’s going to get the job done. That’s the first mistake guys make.

Another is not listening to her body/response as you’re doing it. You have to get comfortable and take your time. Follow her body; wherever she goes, you go there with her.

Another mistake is not taking their time and just rushing it or half-ass doing it. Don’t give her four licks, then come up ready to shove your cock inside her like you did something. Wrong!! Don’t stab, poke, bite, or give too much pressure. We’re just as sensitive as you are and biting or putting a lot of pressure can hurt or feel uncomfortable. And that fucks the mood completely up.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t be afraid of toys/vibrators. These guys could end up being your new best friends! But make sure you’re both comfortable with a type of toy. Tips for playing with toys: Try alternating with your tongue and vibrator on her clit changing the speeds. Rub her vaginal opening with your hand, tongue, vibrator. You could stick it slowly in while licking her clit, then pull it out and replace the toy with your mouth or tongue. Give a little, tease her, ask her to tell you what and how she wants something done. Then take your time either giving it to her right away or rationing it out.

Experiment and play!! Sex is supposed to be fulfilling and fun. So make sure that it is for your lady.

My name is Daphne Daniels. I’m a Pisces. I love to flirt, have fun, enjoy life. And oh yea, I’m a BBW Pornstar.Visit the links to my Twitter and Facebook to find out more about me!

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Daphne Daniels

My name is Daphne Daniels. I’m a Pisces. I love to flirt, have fun and enjoy life. And oh yea, I’m a BBW Pornstar.


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