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Import Model Sharlyn Dizon knows her cars


Import Model Sharlyn Dizon knows her cars

Who is Sharlyn Dizon?

Hi, My name is Sharlyn Dizon. I was born in the Philippines then moved to Toronto, Canada when I was about 10 years old. I finished Hotel and Resort Management, from there I used to be a hotelier worked with different hotels and ended up working in a gym (healthclub) in the hotel. ( best experienced ever :D). I also started car modelling at the age of 19. I used to go to a lot of car shows and meet ups just because I am really into cars (yay for car lovers) and then one of my friend asked me if I wanted to model for his car and then that’s where it all started. I enjoyed being in the car industry because I get to meet new people and make them happy 🙂 Now I am back in my country (Philippines) and became part of HIN Manila 4( Hot Import Nights) as one of their International Import Model and also became part of the Certified B2B Babe which is under Bumper to Bumper Carshow (Biggest carshow event in the Philippines) team and we would go all over the country to do shows. I am also getting more into TV, acting and all that stuff. People would say I have a bubbly personality but I would say that I am a shy type person but if you get to know me really well then you can see for yourself how crazy weird I am :p


What’s one fun fact about yourself?

When I was little I used to be boyish where my parents would think I was a tomboy, just because I hated playing dolls. I would always ask for either cartoys and fake guns. I remember I had this barbie doll toy that had a car with it and I would just throw away the doll and my interest would only be the car. I also used to always watch wrestling and play a lot of video games. Make up and all those girly stuff wasn’t really my thing until high school.


What turns you on?

Back muscle and a guy who can cook 😉 (cause I’m in love with food ♡)


Craziest thing you’ve done?

There was this time when me and one of my girl had to pee so bad and there wasn’t any public washrooms around. We broke into someone’s apartment that looked like no one lived there for the longest time, looked for a bathroom and then someone finally turned on the lights and saw us and just acted that we were lost and drunk. Hahaha good times…


Favorite drink?

I am actually a licensed bartender so I wouldn’t say I have my favorite drink but if I am at a bar/club I would just always get a beer or a vodka. I like it simple 😉


Spit or swallow?

Spitting is bad :p Proper etiquette ahahaha (If you know what I mean)


Sweet, Salty or a little bit of both?

I am a sweet tooth  person! I love desserts especially cupcakes, cakes, and chocolates! I would get really grumpy if I don’t have it or die without it…. haha.


Which movie character best represents you?

Hit girl from the movie Kick- Ass. She could look really innocent and sweet but deep down that small little lady, she can be an effective vigilante and strong. But I wouldn’t say I’m violent like her :p


Worst rejection you’ve faced?

I recently auditioned for a reality TV show in the Philippines. I took a lot of time, money and effort to join and  I was so close to getting into the final round of the audition, and then I didn’t make it. I cried… A LOT… and got drunk. Lol don’t judge.


Must have in your wardrobe?

A lady should always have a thong and nubra. For me, it’s a turn off to see your pantyline visible especially if you’re wearing tights. I love Nubras! It is a strapless silicone adhesive bra where you can wear it without your bra strap showing and it also gives you that PUSH you want for your babies ;p


What’s sexy to you?

Sexy for me is being strong, independent, and confident at the same time. Being yourself ♡

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Images courtesy of Sharlyn Dizon

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