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Eric East is cool and suave as ever


Eric East is cool and suave as ever

Eric East is a sex symbol and one of the hottest male Asian’s you will lay your eyes on. With his chiseled good looks and washboard abs, Eric is the world’s first Chinese-born gay porn star and is heating up the scene where he is based in America. Find out more about this hunk as we talk to him on work, pool parties and what he does during his down time.

Hi Eric, it is a pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy. Can you tell the story about how you got started working with Peter Le?

I used to work with a photographer who photographed Peter Le and he introduced me to him and right on Peter discovered me 🙂

How is it like working with Peter Le? What do you think is one good advice that he has given you?

Peter is an extraordinary man. I admire him a lot. During the shoot, he is capable of dealing with all kinds of issues. And he is very smart about his business. He always makes plans and insights about what he is doing and about to do. He has helped me with my career a lot and he always encourages me to do what I feel like doing and what I’m interested in.


Have you done porn in Asia and what do you think is the difference between American directed and Asian directed porn?

I started porn in the US and never been done that in Asia. But from what I see in American and Asian pornographies is that Asian porn is mild and gentle lol while American porn is hardcore and aggressive.

What is the difference between the reactions from LA fans vs fans from China?

I received greetings from fans all over the world and I feel really blessed and grateful but majorly from China and America. When I did shows in China, the fans there were really passionate and also because I’m Chinese too I feel connected to them very well. When I meet fans from America, they talk to me like friends and they really make you feel comfortable with them.

We know that you have been going to UCLA from your other interviews, how is it like juggling work and studies, especially when private and public life can intertwine?

I am a nerd and also a stud haha. In school, I wore glasses and tried to act low key. I kinda developed an ability to separate my mind into scientific part since I studied chemistry in university and showcasing part whenever I need one of them. I had one interesting experience that when I was working out at a gym near my school, I heard two persons talking like “Do you Eric East? He is a famous porn star and he goes to our school.” And I was just right next them but they didn’t recognize me haha.


How do you prepare for a scene?

Usually not much to prepare… mostly cleaning your body. Sometimes the actors do use viagra or some pills to stimulate sex drive.

Is there a porn star out there that you would love to work with?

I admire a lot of porn stars out there but I can hardly memorize their names. Kris Evans, Cody Cummings… also some straight porn stars like Johnny Sins and Johnny Castle.

You have been invited to perform for Pool and Circuit Parties internationally, can you tell us one memorable party and why?

Currently I’m signed to Club Funky in Beijing, China and it’s the most pleasurable experience I’ve ever had. The crowd is amazing and the staff there treated me very nicely. I’ll be performing in Club Funky 4 times this year hope I can see everyone there!


I know your life is busy but if you have a day off, can you describe your perfect day?

Beach…hiking…maybe shopping in stores and dinning in a decent restaurant.

What do we expect to see next from Eric East?

Right now I’m doing shows in Beijing and taking a break from porn. Probably I will start my own business in the future in sex toys and sexual tools.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions on SimplySxy, Eric. Before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexy is not only the way you look. Admittedly, hot body and pretty face do count for being sexy but your personality, attitude, and the way you treat others can showcase your sexiness a lot as well. And I do believed in living a healthy life style (go to gym, eat healthy, no drugs or smoking, controlled alcohol) because I think a well-functioning body makes your appearance over all more radiant and attract people even without any makeup on or clothes on haha.

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