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Fashion designer Camille Co


Fashion designer Camille Co

Camille Co from Philippines is on SimplySxy with her feminine fashion style as we meet this ball of fun. Check out her photos to get dress style tips and the one must item in every girl’s wardrobe.

Hi Camille, thank you for being on SimplySxy. Can you share a little about yourself and where you’re from to our readers?

Thanks for having me! In a nutshell, I’m a 27-year old fashion designer and blogger from the sunny city of Manila.


As a fashion designer, how will you describe your fashion style?

Definitely feminine. I like to use a lot of lace and stick to feminine silhouettes.


What is one item you absolutely must have in your wardrobe?

A blazer. I think it’s the quickest way to dress up a simple outfit.


You look gorgeous in your bikini photos. What’s the secret to looking so good and staying such great shape?

I’m lucky to be naturally thin, despite my appetite. But I also work out around 3 times a week to build muscles and to tone my body.


Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself!

1. I have no self-control when it comes to food and… shoe sales. LOL.

2. All my friends think I’m goofy and hyper all the time. Don’t let this resting bitch face fool you.

3. I’m from Manila but of Chinese race so I can speak Mandarin and Hokkien.

What’s the naughtiest thing you have ever done and not regret?

Mixing antibiotics with alcohol. LOL! I’m still alive and healthy so at least I got to have fun for a bit. Excuse my lame answer though. I’m generally a good girl so my naughty list is short and uneventful.


Can you describe your idea of a romantic getaway?

A surprise getaway to the beach, with dinner set up for just the two of us and I can hear the waves crashing nearby.


Thank you so much for letting us have you on SimplySxy, Camille. Before we end, share with us what ‘sexy’ is to you?

Sexy is knowing yourself and your body and owning it!

Follow the loveable Camille Co on:
Twitter: @itscamilleco

Instagram: @itscamilleco

Images courtesy of Camille Co

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