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Tickle Torture is sexually arousing


Tickle Torture is sexually arousing

I am originally from Vancouver and have been residing in Toronto for three years now. I love it here and have no plans to leave. I have always had a strong personality and BDSM has always fascinated me. I have never been into vanilla. I began my career as a Dominatrix when I was 24 years old. I worked for several years in Vancouver. Eventually I decided to have a family so I took a hiatus from being a dominatrix for many years. During that time I worked a “normal” job that I was bored to death with. I have never fit into the so-called normal ways of living. Views on morality have always annoyed me and it has always been natural for me to push the boundaries of normalcy, so the idea of a 9-5 job and the white picket fence has always made me laugh. Having said that, I resumed my career as a dominatrix once again and I have never been happier.

What constitutes Tickle Torture?

Tickle torture is one of my favorite types of sessions. Men come to me seeking to be, for lack of better words, tickled to death or tickled to the point of torture. For many, being tickled is sexually arousing, incites feelings of helplessness and releases feel good endorphins. Often, the client will produce those deep belly laughs that are almost or are painful.

How popular are Tickle Torture sessions and how often do you get the requests?

In my experience, tickle torture sessions are not too popular. I usually get 6-8 per year.

What preparation do you do when there is Tickle Torture involved?

Preparation for the session often depends on what the client is looking for. If it is just a straight up tickle torture, then I will use my fingers, restraints and a feather. If the client is looking for a tickle session combined with other elements, then it would take longer to prepare for the scene. Some clients request a role-play such as a mother and son mixed with tease and denial; bondage and paddling. This would require more preparation because I have to come up with a scene that is a one of a kind experience for the client and prepare the equipment.

My favourite implements to use during a tickle torture session are, in order of preference, my fingers, feather, rope and tongue.

Describe a typical process of Tickle Torture one can expect from you and what you usually do.

In a typical torture session I would begin by asking the client what he would like and what his limits are. Next I would blindfold him and have him lay down on the bed in the boudoir and restrain him/her. For me, the boudoir is the ultimate setting for tickle torture session because it is cozy. Then I would start by breathing on his sensitive areas and caressing them with my hands and fingers. I like to build up to the heavy tickling. Next, I would use feather on him while whispering words into his ear that fit the role-play. The whole time I am doing the above, I am paying attention to where on his body that I am getting the most reaction. Lastly, usually using my fingers, I would apply more pressure and tickle him to the point of tears. Remember, depending on the role-play, the tickling may have intermittent paddling, slapping and humiliation.

How is Tickle Torture used as a punishment in the context of BDSM?

That is a good question. In my opinion, tickling can become so intense that it becomes painful. Think about a scenario when you were younger and someone tickled you to the point where it was no longer enjoyable yet you were laughing the entire time. If I am in a role-play and I know the client hates being tickled, I would use it as a punishment for any misbehavior the sub has shown. However, in my experience, most clients come to me for the enjoyment of it and for the pain/pleasure connection.

What are some precautions to ensure safe Tickle Torture especially if trying and experimenting at home for beginners?

The one precaution I would suggest for beginners is to know your partners limits and have a safe word.

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Mistress Aiella

I am an experienced and professional dominatrix. My specialties include edge play, showers, fetish, worship, age play, humiliation and much more. Click on the links below to visit me!


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