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Erotic and Fetish model Hex Hypoxia


Erotic and Fetish model Hex Hypoxia

If you’re into erotic and fetish modelling, it’s a must to check out Hex Hypoxia and her works. In addition, she also does fetish performance in fireplay, bondage and shibari. Find out more and admire her photos in this interview!

Hi Hex, it’s a great pleasure to interview you on SimplySxy. Can you share a little about yourself and where you’re from to our readers?

Thanks for having me! I’m a full time model and performer, based out of Austin Texas and travel worldwide.


Photo and Makeup: JL Capella

How did your interest in modeling begin?

I actually never thought of modeling as a career for me. I started as a performer and while doing promo shots for a group I worked with, the photographer liked my look and started shooting with me. It was definitely a challenge, and I love a challenge so kept with it!


Photo: Lorenzo Chuca, Latex: Cinched Tight

Was going into fetish, erotic and nude modeling an exciting experience for you?

I think each genre I do has a different feel and excitement behind it, each one is a different experience, even down to each shoot. Its’ always something new and I love it.

We like seeing all the photos on your website which are shot very artistically. Do you have an idea of the style and pose you want going into a shoot or do you leave it to the photographer to decide?

Before a shoot, I’m usually told the style/idea/theme so I can be prepared. And as far as poses, I tend to try to fit the photographers vision with what I’m doing as much as I can. Usually that seems to work well haha.


Photo: J Isobel De Lisle

You have a lot of amazing tattoos! Is there an interesting story you can share behind one of them?

Thank you! As for tattoos, haha there’s a story behind every single one. The one on my hand for example, the group of friends I lived with back then all had “hold me <3” tattooed on their palms. I was the odd one out without it, so one day I announced I finally got it down then came home with “don’t touch me” on mine haha. It fits though!


Photo: Theresa Manchester

What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

Well if I told you that, I might accidentally give away the location of the bodies, so I’ll have to smile mysteriously and move on to the next question haha.

Which is your favorite body part?

On me? My hands. Because they hold pizza.


Photo: J Rodgers, Latex: Pandora Deluxe

Thank you again for being on SimplySxy, Hex. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

I think “sexy” is all a matter of opinion, and that’s okay. Whatever works for you, turns you on, makes you feel good. And if your definition of sexy is different then others, that’s totally okay. Everyone likes what they like, and I think more people need to realize that’s not a bad thing.

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Featured image courtesy of Rae K Photography

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