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Alexandra Kovacova, the Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler


Alexandra Kovacova, the Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Travelling the world to exotic destinations as your full time job. Sounds fantastic? That’s exactly what Alexandra Kovacova, also known as the Crazy Sex Fun traveller, does and very successfully indeed. With her love for far flung locales, and keeping fit through healthy eating and yoga, Alexandra shares every detail with her fans on her blog. Find out more about her and the travel tips she gives for the next time you pack your bags for your vacation.

Hi Alexandra, it’s a great pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy! Please share with us a little about yourself and where you’re from to our readers.

Hey, thanks for having me. Well, I was born 30 years ago in a little town called Snina in Eastern Slovakia just a few kilometres from the border with Ukraine. Since I was a girl, my biggest dream was to travel the world so I started to study English and Spanish philology in Czech Republic to be able to understand others abroad. In the meantime I did some modeling work and then spent 2 years as a flight attendant in Scotland and Italy. It was then in September 2010 when I suffered from insomnia and decided to do something positive with all the time I had at nights so I started a travel blog Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler. I have been traveling ever since and trying to focus on healthy lifestyle, yoga and destinations where you can do both adventure and spa.


What are some of your personal highlights so far?

Snorkeling with whale sharks and sea lions, visiting around 20 pyramids in Mexico and Egypt, hugging with the actors Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley from the Vampire Diaries, hiking the Andes for 3 months and most of all having enough courage to travel the world and learn yoga.

Are there any advice you can give to travellers when visiting a foreign city for the first time?

Try to fit in the culture following the habits they have. Standing out too much in some countries is not recommended, e.g. wear long loose clothes instead of showing off too much. Believe in good, believe in yourself and believe in other people. Realize there will always be plans that will ot work out. That’s life and it’s supposed to teach you something, so find the lesson in there and move on to the next adventure.


Which is your favourite season?

You mean like summer or winter? Definitely summer! I am allergic to cold, do not like rain nor wind at all and enjoy some snow only for a few days at Christmas. I wish the rest of the year was just pure summer with around 27 Celsius degrees and always sunny. That’s why I escape European winter as much as I can and you can find me in a tropical destination when others back home are freezing their butts off 😀

How will you describe your fashion style?

Comfortable leisure clothes. I love bikini, dresses, mini skirts (most skirts are mini when I put them on as I’m 180 cm tall), leggins and loose pants. Sunglasses are a must. I don’t like shoes nor handbags, so the best is barefoot with a camera bag only. I don’t like to follow the new fashion styles when everyone dresses in the same way.


What has been the craziest thing you have done in your life?

Wow, that is a tough one! Maybe it was jumping out of a plane, or all the photos I took standing at the edge of the mountains or walking on top of a glacier? If I had to pick just one, then it would be the decision to quit my cabin crew job and leave on a long trip. No one else believed I could make living out of a travel blog and traveling itself. No one but me. So the craziest thing I’ve ever done was to go against everyone and show them yes, I can and I will be successful following my dream of traveling the world.

One of the things we love most about Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler are the amazing pictures of food! You’re Vegan but is there any other food you don’t take or are you game to try every exotic taste available?

I’m not 100% vegan because sometimes I ”cheat” with chocolate or chocolate desserts, rarely with some meals containing cheese. But definitely no meat nor fish. Really trying to be vegan, and mostly raw vegan as much as possible. I just don’t like the taste of olives, even though olive oil is the best! My vegan diet makes it a bit hard on the road as I really do not try local specialties. However, if it comes to any fruit, vegetables or seeds, I am more than happy to try them.


Which cities haven’t you traveled to and are on your must-visit list next?

I am not really a city person so for me it’s more about the nature or smaller towns. If I had to pick countries, then I’d say Peru, Indonesia, Antarctica, Turkey, Tanzania, South Africa and of course Australia and New Zealand.

As a certified Fitness Health Coach, do you try and include your personal fitness regime into your travels?

Oh yes, trying to practice yoga every day at least for 20 minutes, usually 1 or 2 hours; then walk 10,000 steps per day and move as much as possible. I stretch and swim always when possible. I eat mostly fruit for breakfast and lunch and then veggies for dinner, never drink with my meals but drink plenty of water in between meals. Plus, a lot of fresh coconuts when I’m traveling to tropical destinations, they are my absolutely favorite ones!


It’s a pleasure interviewing you Alexandra. One last question, how do you define “sexy”? 

The pleasure is all mine 🙂 I think that when a person feels sexy, the magical energy around can be felt by others, too. To me, being natural and smile a lot is sexy. Just highlight what you got, do you agree?

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