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Jenny Blighe is hot and she loves giving blowjobs!


Jenny Blighe is hot and she loves giving blowjobs!

Jenny Blighe heats things up in this naughty and erotic interview, giving blowjob tips, talking about sex positions and an unfulfilled fantasty which looks like it is going to come true very soon!

Hi Jenny, it’s a great pleasure to interview you on SimplySxy. Can you share a little about yourself and where you’re from to our readers?

Sure! My day to day really involves normal everyday activities of being a mother of two small kids! I’m originally from Arkansas and just recently moved back in April to keep the kids closer to their grandparents/aunts/uncles. When I’m not cleaning, cooking, playing outside with them, helping with schoolwork, or just doing the normal mom stuff, then I work! Everyone always asks when I sleep and the answer is randomly!!! I sleep when I can because my schedule can be very hectic! I am lucky to have a boyfriend, who is also my business partner and a very amazing father figure to them! He is my co-star (lol) in all of my videos on ManyVids!

Oh, and I’m a natural redhead! I do like to experiment with different variations of red from time to time, but I’m a real ginger. 🙂


You have numerous blowjob videos on ManyVids which are extremely hot! How much do you enjoy giving blowjobs and can you share one mind-blowing tip with our readers?

You know…my fans have been very open about their love for my blowjob videos, so I try to keep them as interesting as I can for them and even more frequent now than I used to. I have so many ideas for future ones as well. The blowjob vids will definitely not stop anytime soon!! I absolutely LOVE giving blowjobs. I have always had an oral fixation anyway, so I usually have something in my mouth…a finger, a pen, you name it! Being able to satisfy that need of mine while also blowing his mind is an absolute turn-on for me.

Hmm..a mind-blowing tip, you say? I guess I would say don’t rush into it. Start slowly and seductively. Tease him with a little tongue, making him want to shove it in your mouth even more. Small kisses up and down the shaft will drive him crazy as well adding some ‘I know you want to ram it in so bad’ eye contact.

Be playful. He doesn’t just want his dick sucked, he wants to see you enjoying it! Deepthroating is encouraged and from my experience, guys really enjoy “streamers.” I’ve heard many girls say they get embarrassed when they gag hard, but don’t be! Once he’s going, allow him, use that mouth to his full satisfaction and he will literally thank you with a massive load wherever you like. Well, as long as you throw in a little naughty talk and make sure you don’t forget to show some love to his balls 🙂 How’s that for a tip?


Are you more of a lingerie or bikini babe?

Lingerie, for suuuure! I own some pretty stellar bikinis, but I have unlimited lingerie at the moment from purchases over the past 3 years!! I literally have still not figured out an easy way to organize my sets yet lol. If any of you know how to really organize a ton of lingerie I’d love to know lol! I’ve tried so many different ways!


Do you prefer to spit or swallow?

Let’s just say this…if it’s not on my face, it’s usually down my throat!


Which is your favorite sex position?

This is always a tricky question because I am a naughty, naughty girl in bed lol. So, I don’t just like to be in one position. I really like to be in a more submissive position when being fucked. I want to be used and choked…and don’t get me wrong, I love passion as well. I really try to mix the two as much as possible. However, if I had to choose a position that I would say feels the best…I’d say from behind. Basically, where I am laying on my stomach completely flat and he’s behind me giving it to me deep. In this position, he’s able to penetrate so deep that I go nuts!!


What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done would probably have to be either the couple of threesomes I’ve had with two friends of mine or all the time I’ve had my boyfriend come home early for his lunch break just so I could suck his dick and have him fuck me over the dresser. I wouldn’t allow him to even take off his outfit. I’d make him pull his dick out and send him back to work with my pussy on his dress pants. 🙂

Is there a fantasy of yours which has yet to be fulfilled?

Yes, actually. I’d really like to be at a bar or somewhere public wearing only a trench coat and heels…completely nude underneath (maybe some thigh highs). I have a few drinks and leave waiting for a ride when suddenly my ride pulls up and throws me into their backseat & blindfolds me. He then drives for a few minutes, stops, and comes to open the door. He un-blindfolds me, opens my coat, and begins to fuck me good. 🙂 This is probably going to end up being a video of mine at some point now that I’m thinking of it lol.


Thank you again for being on SimplySxy, Jenny. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

I’d have to say sexy, in my opinion, is being confident in who you are, not cocky, and showing off your best features. Doesn’t mean body parts necessarily. People with an amazing personality can be extremely sexy. Sexy has so many different meanings, doesn’t it? 🙂

I will be at Exxxotica in Dallas in August & will be promoting ManyVids as well as doing a few signings at the MyFreeCams booth. Aside from that, I am doing my first magazine shoot at the end of this month for STRIPLV magazine @STRIPLVMAG & am very excited for that to come out! The issue itself will be feature my very first “bush” photos! This will once and for all show that I am a natural redhead lol

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