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Sweet Singaporean blogger Nicole Choo


Sweet Singaporean blogger Nicole Choo

Already a social media influence with a huge (and increasing) following, Nicole Choo has achieved a lot for someone her age. Bringing her good looks and fashion style together, Nicole tells us what she does to keep in shape and her dream holiday destination.

SimplySxy: Hi Nicole, thank you very much for your time taken to answer our questions on SimplySxy. Can you share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Nicole: I’m Nicole Choo from Singapore! I have a keen interest in blogging, sharing what I have on social media and doing Youtube videos. If I were to only do these for a living, I wouldn’t ask for anything else. I’m 16 this year and I’ve never ever saw myself where I am today, but I’m entirely grateful for what I have now.


SimplySxy: How will you describe your personal fashion style?

Nicole: I will never go into specifics when people ask me what my style really is because I wear what I think looks nice, but what I can say is I cannot live without crop tops and would wear anything high waisted! My clothes are a wide variety and I will never settle down on a certain type of style because I’m just a sucker for anything that looks cute.


SimplySxy: What are some must have items in every girl’s wardrobe?

Nicole: In my opinion, an essential in a girl’s closet should be a pair of comfortable ripped jeans, some basic shirts as they’re so great to put outfits together with, and a cute black dress.

SimplySxy: Do you have a diet regime which you follow?

Nicole: Not so serious into dieting or whatever hahahaha. I’m not someone who gains weight easily, I’m actually around 40kg and sometimes it goes higher or a little lower but it’s always within this small range. I stop eating when I feel a tad bit full as I do not like the idea of eating to the brim. I pamper myself with some comfort food like ice cream, cakes, chips…etc but there’s a limit to it and I will not allow myself to eat excessively as I know what I want for my body and how I want to look. Eat small and healthy meals, I feel that’s the trick for a good looking body and don’t forget to work out!


SimplySxy: If you could play a movie character, who will it be?

Nicole: I would definitely play Black Widow in the Avengers because I love how her character goes against gender stereotypes that girls are not as strong as guys. I think its really cool to fight like that and still look so hot. *standing ovation for Scarlett Johansson*

SimplySxy: Can you share with us 3 fun facts about yourself, which your fans probably do not know?


1. I have never really tried eggplant in my life and I’m embarrassed

2. My arm is oddly shaped

3. My surname isn’t actually Choo but it’s a long story


SimplySxy: What is your holiday destination?

Nicole: Many places I would love to visit, but I would pick California because I have never been to the States in my whole life but the idea of going to the beach, shopping and all that makes me want to visit Cali!

SimplySxy: It’s been a great pleasure to have you on SimplySxy, Nicole. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Nicole: Sexy comes to everyone’s head as boobs and ass which is partly true. Sexy is the appropriate word to use when you have really nice assets but it comes in a package. You gotta have a great attitude, good humor, confidence and have a balance in every aspect of your personality because I want to be a little shy sometimes but bold at the appropriate times. I want to be strong on so someone respects me but will know how to make a guy laugh and how to have fun!

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