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Sexy Reads – Theirs to Claim

Sexy Reads

Sexy Reads – Theirs to Claim

While FBI special agents Gabriel McPherson and Noah Johnston are away closing in on yet another child predator, the woman they’ve secretly loved for years is home, in their small north Georgia town, dealing with the crushing weight of an unknown stalker of her own. The fiend sends Emily Matherson photos weekly, growing ever bolder over time, showing an interest that sends a clear message of need and dominance. When Gabriel and Noah finally realize what has been going on in their absence, it will become a race against time to protect Emily her own predator, while also finally claiming her and making her theirs, at long last.


Emily lay on the sofa with her eyes closed, sure that she was in bliss. Her head was in Gabriel’s lap, and he was slowly trailing his fingers through her hair. She could feel the sun’s rays on her skin, even though it was streaming in through the barrier of the window panes. Still, it was like giving a person who’d been locked in solitary confinement the keys to the prison yard. It warmed not only her skin, but also her soul.

Noah joined them on the sofa once he’d cleaned the kitchen and he took his place at her feet. He got comfortable, settling his large frame down on the plush fabric cushions, then he slipped first one of her socks off and then the other. He lifted Emily’s left foot and began a slow massage that made her jump and open her eyes.

“Steady,” Noah chuckled. “I know you’re ticklish, Emily. I’ll be gentle.”

“Lie back down and close your eyes,” Gabriel said softly.

She nodded and tried to lie still, though she couldn’t help but flinch each time Noah’s adept fingers ran across her instep. A rumble of laughter rolled through Gabriel’s chest, and she narrowed her eyes at him in return.

“Close them, Em,” Gabriel warned in that stern tone that made shivers run down her spine.

Emily could tell that he knew exactly what effect he was having on her when he used it, because his lips pressed into a firm line with just the tiniest hint of a smile pulling the right corner of his lips up. It made him look masterful and completely in charge. And something deep within Emily responded to that.

“Yes, Gabriel,” she whispered. Emily dutifully closed her eyes, but not before she caught the fire that flashed in his blue eyes.

He dug his fingers into her scalp, intensifying his massage. Taking over and letting her know he was most assuredly in charge of her for as long as she’d let him. Emily decided not to hold out on them, but to voice her response. Hadn’t Noah said he wanted to hear the words? Well, Emily thought, maybe they both wanted to hear every breathless sigh that their touch produced too.

She tilted her head back in Gabriel’s lap and blew out a heavy breath. Her back arched and Emily pressed her right foot against Noah’s inner thigh, curling her toes just a bit. She listened intently and was rewarded when she heard him groan softly. Oh, this was so much better than watching them while she got them hot and bothered, Emily thought. She felt a little bolder with her eyes closed and she liked the freedom it won her.

Emily slipped a hand under her t-shirt and gradually ran her palm over her stomach, then upwards towards her left breast. She circled her nipple again and again until it stood in a rigid peak and then she began to pluck at it, teasing the pleasure point until she started to squirm between them.

Her breath came out in shallow puffs, as her hand left her breast and skated down her abdomen. She delved into her shorts and found her clitoris, rigid and alert to her touch. Noah pressed hard on her instep just as she touched her clit and cried out.

She felt Gabriel’s hands leave her head and he clasped the hem of her shirt, then he rolled it up and off of her. Noah’s hands abandoned her foot and he reached for the button on her shorts. Emily lifted her hips when she felt him tug the garment, and soon it was a thing of the past too.

Both men drew in an audible breath, and Emily felt sure it was because she had skipped wearing any underwear after her shower with Noah. It had just felt decadent to go without, and she liked the awareness of her body it had brought. Every time she moved, the cotton of her shirt had abraded her nipples and her shorts had rubbed her clit in such a way as to keep her constantly aroused.

She’d said nothing throughout breakfast, but now they knew. And from the sound of their labored breathing, Emily thought that they were not disappointed by their discovery.

“Keep your eyes closed, Emily,” Gabriel directed.

“Yes, Gabe,” she said again, smiling as she uttered the compliant words.

His hands covered her breasts, gently kneading the mounds and pushing them together. Noah’s fingers ran up her legs at the same time, seeking and getting closer to her own hand. He clasped her wrist and slid her hand down to her side. Ever so slowly, Noah pushed her thighs apart.

Emily arched up again as she felt Gabriel pinch her nipples and Noah blow warm air across her pussy. She reached for them, her left hand colliding with the solid wall of Gabriel’s chest. But Noah was just out of reach. He halted her seeking fingers midair and placed her right hand back down on the sofa, tapping her wrist and letting her know she was to keep it there.

“Guys…” she panted, suddenly needing to see them, to connect with them in some other way.

“Shhh,” Gabriel corrected her. “Eyes closed or we stop.”

Emily whimpered, but nodded. She had started this, but quickly lost control of the game. And now they were going to finish it. Or her, she thought ruefully.

But she trusted them, and she needed this. Needed to let go of all the worry and anxiety that had plagued her life for over eight weeks. And if ever there were others who knew her needs, inside and out, it was Gabriel and Noah.

She’d grown up fast, dealing with the loss of her parents and then her grandparents. And though she’d had Gabriel and Noah to lean on, Emily had never had them like this. Not really. Not as her partners and her lovers. Never shared what they could now.

Yes, Emily said to herself, it was time for someone else to make the decisions.

So, she drew in a deep breath and gave herself over to their care. She gave herself over to the moment and with her surrender, Emily found true freedom. The kind of freedom she hadn’t experienced not just in the last two months, but in all of her twenty-three years.

Gabriel stopped breathing the moment Emily’s body went soft and yielding. He had never analyzed why he liked control in the bedroom. Never acknowledged that darker edge of what he really craved, yet had not explored with another. He’d never felt comfortable taking the reins in such a way, for fear that the few brief partners he’d had would think he was overbearing, unfeeling, or uncaring.

But in that one glorious second, he got it. As if someone had just dropped an anvil on his thick head. It wasn’t about control at all. It was surrender. For them both.

He watched all of the tension and worry leave Emily’s brow, the lines easing away. Her breathing calmed and her muscles relaxed. It was a supreme moment of trust. And that was the key. It was all about trust. The reason why he’d never felt for another, what he did for Emily. He’d never trusted them enough or himself to let them in, or to truly let go.

God, he loved this woman. Loved that he could be himself with her, without fear that Emily didn’t want what he was offering. He could be a cranky bastard at times, he knew. But normally Emily would just chuckle at his bluster and give him such a sweet and honest smile. One that reached her eyes – one that came from her heart.

It was the same smile that now graced her lips as she lay there stretched out between him and Noah, completely giving them her body. Her heart. A lifetime of her love. Her everything.

Trust was a two-way street, and Gabriel knew he’d never gotten what it was all about, like he did in that one moment.

Gabriel’s eyes lifted from Emily’s body to meet Noah’s gaze, and he saw the same shock and reverence reflected there. Noah arched an eyebrow at him, and cocked his head to the side, his fingers no longer exploring her delicate folds. Gabe knew that Noah realized the significance of the moment too, and was just as committed to not destroying the trust Emily had just placed squarely in their hands.

With a slow nod from Gabriel, they began again. But this time, with a totally different objective. This was no fast race to completion. This was slow, sensual love-making at their direction.

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Image courtesy of Diana McKinley

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Diana McKinley

As a lover of the written word, in all its forms and variations, Diana McKinley is excited to enter the realm of authoring erotic novels. Through years of reading and looking for strong male and female characters alike, across a myriad of genres, she decided that sometimes you have to write the tale in your heart in order to finally see the kind of hero or heroine you’ve been searching for. She loves humor and a happy ending, though sometimes her characters have to go through insurmountable odds together to achieve their bliss. She hopes that there will be something for everyone who relishes a satisfying erotic story in her books. Come along on the journeys and enjoy the ride! You can learn more about Diana’s writing at and clicking on the links below!


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