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Levy Vee is one hot model and GoGo dancer!


Levy Vee is one hot model and GoGo dancer!

Beautiful, sexy and with a rocking hot body, Levy Vee will capture your attention once you’ve set your eyes on her. Whether she is performing or modelling, her amazing energy on show ensures that you’ll always be left wanting for more. SimplySxy gets the chance to ask Levy a few questions on her passion for dancing and to share some sexy dance move tips to use it the bedroom!

SimplySxy:  Hi Levy, tell us a little about yourself and where you’re from.

Levy: Hey! Levy here and I am from Phoenix, Arizona! (USA). I am 22 and you can catch me mostly on stages performing at various Music Festivals such as (Electric Daisy Carnival) worldwide! When I’m not traveling, I am a GoGo dancer at various clubs in Scottsdale.

I tend to model as a side hobby, unless someone sees my potential talent and can take me under their wings to future my modeling career. xoxo


Photo Credit: Chris Henry

SimplySxy:  What do you like most about being a model?

Levy: I really enjoy meeting new people and my favorite, are my adorable supporters! When I’m at an event, it melts my heart when they know about me through social media and become eager to meet me, buy my posters, have me sign it and make a post about how I made their day. Those are the little-big things that makes me wanna pursue modeling even further.

SimplySxy: Can you share with us a funny experience in one of your modelling shows or shoots?

Levy: I remember one time I was at a booth, and I had to come up to the stage and throw out free gifts. We throw it to people who can interact with you the most. I literally asked a guy that if he catches me from the crowd, I’ll give it to him. The coordinators looked at me like that was a bad idea, but I did it anyways and jumped! The crowd caught me! Lol but I was kinda asked to not do it again for future shows unless I signed a liability waiver.. LOL


Photo Credit: Chris Henry

SimplySxy: You do Go-go dancing, belly dancing and other forms such as hip-hop to name a few.  Where does your passion for dancing come from?

Levy: Yes! I do all of those. My passion mostly comes from GoGo dancing. It’s literally all free style and you can do whatever you want in your own form of expression. I get it all from being on stage. My crowd is my energy and I feed off from what they’re giving back whether they are at a club or an event. They are the reason why  I love doing what I do.

SimplySxy:  What are some sexy dance moves you can share to our female readers who wish to perform for their boyfriend or husband?

Levy: CONFIDENCE . No matter what you do ladies. Don’t ever feel embarrassed or think you can’t be sexy in front of your partner! He will always love you and he loved you the moment he laid eyes on you. So put on those sexy heels or thigh highs and sway your body left and right. Roll your shoulders back and forth…chin up… Let down that beautiful hair…look into his eyes and SMILE.


Photo Credit: Chris Henry

SimplySxy:  What is your favourite body part?

Levy: My bodacious booty.

SimplySxy:  What is the sexiest outfit in your wardrobe and when do you wear it?

Levy: I like to keep it simple and sexy. With it warming up over here, I throw on that front low cut maxi dress with a leg slit on the side and I’m good to go.


Photo Credit: Chris Henry

SimplySxy: Are you the type who will make the first move or wait for the guy to do so?

Levy: I’m an Aries. I seem to be aggressive and well, aggressive.. LOL. I’ll make eye contact and signal interest. If he has not done anything yet.. I’ll decide if it’s worth messing around to see if he will break. But if I’m totally into him. I’m usually the one that makes the first move.


Photo Credit: Frank Zhen

SimplySxy:  It’s a pleasure to interview you Levy.  Before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Levy: As I mentioned above. CONFIDENCE. There’s a difference between being cocky and full of yourself compared to being confident and happy with yourself.  Sexy can be defined in many ways. I think smart is extremely sexy. Any guy or girl with a good direction on his/ her shoulders and can hold their own. Ow! who wouldn’t find that attractive??

Thank you so much SimplySxy, you guys rock! xoxo

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Featured image courtesy of Chris Henry

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