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Mimi Le will drive you hot and crazy


Mimi Le will drive you hot and crazy

With her sexy good looks and love for cars, Mimi Le is one hot lady you need to know. Appearing in numerous modelling shows and top magazines, we ask Mimi on her dream ride, what turns her on and the secret behind that amazing body.

SimplySxy: Hi Mimi, thank you and it’s a pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy. Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself?

Mimi: I am a boba addict, somewhat into cars, and I am the first granddaughter born on my mom’s side of the family which means all my older cousins are boys lol.


SimplySxy: What is your secret to maintaining that amazing body?

Mimi: To be honest I eat like crazy and I used to be addicted to going to the gym, but I was tired of it, so I just do some workouts here and there at home. I have a very very fast metabolism!


SimplySxy: You’ve been around lots of fast cars as a HIN model. What is your ideal ride of choice?

Mimi: Oh gosh, I love exotic cars like lambos, the story of how those came about intrigues me. That would be my ideal weekend car if I don’t have a GTR. For an everyday/beater car I would love to own a TL type S. Wish they didn’t discontinue those!!!


SimplySxy: The wildest thing you have ever done is?

Mimi: I can’t think of anything too crazy, but recently I drove eight hours to Socal on an hour of sleep in the past 24 hours, by myself, and I was suffering from chronic insomnia that whole week lol. It’s dangerous, so be safe driving everyone!


SimplySxy: Do you prefer being in lingerie or bikini?

Mimi: Lingerie, it just feels sexier.


SimplySxy: Which features of a guy turns you on instantly?

Mimi: Well, I am currently taken! But the features on my boyfriend that made me catch the feel were his smile and eyes.


SimplySxy: What is your favorite body part?

Mimi: Body part on me? I feel like I have pretty long legs, at least in pictures it looks like because everyone always thinks that I am 5’6” or something when I am only 5’4”-ish. Legs are important for modeling!


SimplySxy: Thank you again Mimi and one last question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Mimi: Sexy is confidence and acceptance of oneself. Sexy is feeling good about you inside and out.

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