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MelRose is one outrageously hot babe


MelRose is one outrageously hot babe

With her megawatt smile and a body to die for, you can’t keep your eyes off MelRose longer than a few seconds.  Check out our interview as we find out more about MelRose to know her eating habits, style tips to look sexy and her favourite body part!

SimplySxy: A very good day to you MelRose and thank you for this opportunity. Please share with our readers three fun facts about yourself which we might not necessarily know.

MelRose: A couple fun things most of your readers probably aren’t aware of are that I was born in Pennsylvania, I have an un-natural obsession with penguins, and I have a radio show!

SimplySxy: How did you get a start into modelling?

MelRose: I got into modeling at 12 yrs old. I was approached on the street about my “look” and later took acting and modeling classes at a renown Chicago arts school.


SimplySxy: We can’t help but admire your amazing well-toned body in your photos. What is your fitness regime like to stay in shape?

MelRose: My fitness regime is a tough subject. I’ve struggled a lot with self-esteem and body image, so I am definitely very conscious of what I put into my body. I try to eat as clean as possible. I use the nutri-bullet constantly, and I have a personal trainer that takes care of the rest. I’m not perfect, but I try to be kind to myself. It can be hard in this kind of industry.

SimplySxy: Which is your favourite body part?

MelRose: My favorite part of my body is my eyes. It is the thing I receive the most compliments on and it requires no upkeep! Haha!

SimplySxy: In terms of fashion, is there a particular style you like or prefer?

MelRose: When it comes to style and fashion, I believe it is a personal expression of how you feel or want to be perceived. I don’t believe their is a “right” or “wrong” look. It’s about how you want to express yourself. I personally don’t believe I have any single “style” or “look”. Some days I feel like dressing bohemian chic, other days like an edgy professional. Most days I just make it up as I go!


SimplySxy: What style tips can you give to a lady who wants to look sexy on a night out at a club?

MelRose: If a woman wants to look sexy on a night out, I would suggest she puts on something that shows off her best features, and that she’s comfortable in. If you have great legs throw on a short dress! If you have an amazing chest put on a top with a plunging neckline! Show off your favorite features and add some bright heels! Amazing shoes make everything look incredible!

SimplySxy: Which is more important in a relationship, fantastic sex or amazing conversation?

MelRose: When it comes to relationships I am not an expert. But in my opinion amazing conversation is more important. Sex is something that can be discussed and improved upon. But personality can not be taught. And I believe it is just as important to be stimulated mentally as physically!

SimplySxy: What is the sexiest thing a guy can do for you?

MelRose: The sexiest thing a guy can do for me is make me laugh. A sense of humor goes a LONG way! A man who can make a girl laugh can (in my opinion) land any woman he wants.


SimplySxy: Before we conclude this interview, share with us your personal thoughts on how you define “sexy”.

MelRose: My personal thoughts on how to “define” sexy can be summed up in one word; “Confidence”. Nothing is sexier on any woman than when she has confidence! I think this world is plagued with insecurity, and if women could find a way to love and empower themselves, and accept that as enough, we would rule the earth! Nothing is sexier then a confident woman!

You can catch MelRose at:
Twitter: @InMelRosePlace
Instagram: @InMelRosePlace



Images courtesy of MelRose

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