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Christy Rios is one hot Las Vegas babe!


Christy Rios is one hot Las Vegas babe!

Put the best of Filipino, Spanish, Mexican and Chinese together and you get Christy Rios.  Based in Las Vegas, Christy has the curves in all the right places, and with a megawatt smile to boot!  Read on as we find out more about Christy and what she thinks she looks sexiest in.

SimplySxy: Hello Christy, it’s a pleasure to interview you on SimplySxy. You’ve modelled, done fashion shows and been on tv pretty much since high school. How has the experience with being on covers and in the limelight been for you?

Christy: It has definitely been fun. The great thing about modeling is that not one job is ever the same. It ‘s always different, which keeps things exciting. I could never get bored. Plus, what girl wouldn’t enjoy being made up and posing for pictures!


SimplySxy: What do you like most about living in Las Vegas?

Christy: I will always love Las Vegas, I was raised here, but I think I really want to move to California where there’s much more outdoor activities. I am so in love with all the beaches!


SimplySxy: Were you this gorgeous when you were growing up in your early teens?

Christy: I want to call myself an ugly duckling lol. I went through quite a few brow phases and poor choices of outfits.


SimplySxy: Can you share a funny or memorable experience in one of your modelling shoots?

Christy: Shooting is so much fun, but sometimes to get the right angles for the photo you have to pose in the most awkward uncomfortable positions. I was shooting and actually cramped up from holding a pose!


SimplySxy: Tell us something about yourself which your fans do not know

 Christy: There’s a lot of interesting things about me… Everyone knows about my love for Justin Timberlake, but it all started back in fourth grade for me. I was the biggest N’Sync fan! Still am 🙂


SimplySxy: What do you think you look sexiest in?

 Christy: I like to keep it simple. I like the cute/sexy look. A crop top and some shorts. Summertime is my favorite time of the year for outfits. Skirts and dresses!!!

SimplySxy: What turns you on?

Christy: Someone who is confident and strives for their personal goals. Although a compliment is always nice, someone who has their own opinion and who will tell you what’s on their mind.


SimplySxy: How will you describe your idea of a perfect kiss?

 Christy: A perfect kiss is soft and slow <3

SimplySxy: Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions Christy. One last question, how do you define “sexy”?

 Christy: Sexy is confident. Plain and simple. Un-threatened, just confident in yourself.

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