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The Art of Hand Sensual Spanking


The Art of Hand Sensual Spanking

What I am about to lay out for you here is the most amazing piece of information you are ever going to read, It is guaranteed to cure cancer, world hunger –  just by practicing the art of sensual hand spanking.

The most intimate act I know of in spanking is sensual. Seductive and connective hand spanking. If it leads to a climatic orgasm by my partner there is no better compliment for me.


Having someone over my knee for the sole purpose of taking both of our breath away in the same flush of energy as making love is amazingly powerful and lush.

Hand meeting the cool flesh of another and moving through gradual warmth to the full radiant heat of repeated rhythmic administrations from a simple flick of the wrist or the flattened thudy palm strike brings a rush our labored breathing.

Don’t underestimate the power of the whole hand

When I’m spanking I like to use every part of my hand. Fingers for stingy flicks of the wrist, particularly at the base of the bottom and the inner thighs. Firm full palm strikes that can change to light, fast, rhythmic cupped strikes right at the sweet spot of her vagina. By the way, this pushes stimulating vibrations right into her body. I also use the edge of my palm and what I like to call the spank and grab, which allows me to deliver both the sting of my fingers and the thud of heel of my palm. I have found, even just two fingers on the inner thighs can produce gasps and gentle moans.


The duality of senses

Since I am notorious for my long sessions, I try to create sensations that forces the mind to think of where it wants to go. If I am spanking with my right hand, my left is softly exploring other parts of her body. Massaging the neck, her head, dragging my fingernails down her spine or even wrapping gently around her neck. If I am pulling her hair to whisper in her ear, my cadence with my spanking hand changes.

Pushing down on the small of her back to accentuate her cheeks for sharp slaps is exquisite.

The arc of a spanking

For me, a spanking as I mentioned earlier, is similar to making love. There is the warm up, meant to engage the mind and body for what is to come. Easy soft to medium explorations of the entirety of her body. As it builds on, the intensity and the heat of my palm and her bottom begin to match up.  I can sense the energy exchange through her body movements pushing us both to the brink where everything becomes a blur of movement, breath and rhythms until we are both spent.


All of this is a short burst, which is what makes hand spanking so sensually enjoyable for me. And by the way, this stuff works every time…except…when it doesn’t.

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I am a lifelong spanking enthusiast from Southern California. I have been featured on the Rev Mel Show for the TSR Network and teach classes on The Art of Spanking. I am available for private sessions, class and couple instructions for those interested in sensual, disciplinary or role play spankings. If you are a Lady in need of regular Domestic spankings feel free to contact me.


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