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A Little Goes A Long Way: Sexual Frustration and Haemorrhoids


A Little Goes A Long Way: Sexual Frustration and Haemorrhoids

What do you mean you didn’t know there was a connection? There is. Think about it. Think about where you feel sexual tension in your body—feel it—now think about where you feel tension releasing from in your body when you climax and now think about where in your body you can feel that build up … in your ass.

Many months ago I wrote an article called ‘Sexual Frustration Causes Haemorrhoids: Discuss’ on my blog that covered a very simple practice that you can do to re-circulate the energy associated with sexual frustration. Piles (haemorrhoids) are caused (energetically speaking) by stagnant sexual energy or ‘Chi’ as the Chinese call it. It stands to reason that if you circulate that energy this practice could, just could, help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with those grapey little suckers hanging down in an oh so unsexy fashion but wait … there’s a far more important point to this article … stay with me.

In Parts I, II and III of Masturbation: A Series on How to Get You Off we looked at new and intense ways to get to know yourself sexually by exploring your body in perhaps a fresh way. This builds sexual energy in the body. Just writing this to you now; I can feel it building. Can you feel it? Just by recalling those articles on masturbation I can feel it building, can you feel it?

Energy—whether sexual, physical, emotional etc—has to go somewhere. It must move in order to prevent stagnancy and to alleviate pressure. If our bodies start to swell, stiffen (no, not that kinda stiffening) or bruise then we know that something somewhere is stuck. So to get the most out of the previous articles (and to prevent/help symptoms* associated with piles) it really is best to work with me in getting into our bodies, ‘grounding’ ourselves even deeper into those bodies and, yes, doing some very important exercises to keep that energy moving which will … drum roll please … lead to better sex, more intense orgasms and an ‘earthier’ more complete climax.

So this maybe a little too practical for you and you might be thinking ‘God this is boring, I clicked onto SimplySxy for some titillating fun!’ but trust me on this one, it only takes a minute (or two, or three) and you really will feel the benefit if you keep this exercise up. In fact … for you men reading this, I can tell you how this exercise benefits me: it gives me stronger erections, helps me to last longer, intensifies my climax and gives me more control. Yeah … I thought that might get your attention. Ladies, I’m not a lady and don’t want to go making claims I can’t prove, you know, with the lawyers watching an’ all, but just humour me on this one and do feel free to report back … ready … steady … let’s go (some of what follows has been reproduced from my blog).

Firstly you need to know a little bit more about this sexual energy that I keep talking about. The sexual energy is housed within the perineum or ‘root Chakra’. We need this energy to circulate around the body freely, travelling up the spine, around the brain and down the arms, through the palms of the hands and so on.

This is needed in our everyday lives—not just when we are having sex.

You can probably feel it awakening now, reading this. You will most probably feel a tingle at the top of your head, a rush down your arms and maybe even a heat in your groin. This is your body responding to my words, the sexual energy resonating with the energy of my intentions as I share this information with you.

When the energy stops flowing and/or if there is a blockage preventing full movement of energy, this causes obvious sexual symptoms: loss of sexual appetite, impotence, dryness, frustration, premature ejaculation, inability to reach climax etc. It also causes a more physical build up of blood in the anus and rectum due to the lack of movement. The stagnant sexual energy has, quite simply, resulted in stagnancy in the blood circulation and this combined with vascular weakness/valve failure, causing piles (haemorrhoids).

The Solution:

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, knees softened, limbs relaxed. Imagine a chord pulling you upright (keeping knees soft) from the centre of your head. Relax your jaw and close your eyes.

Now curl your toes under as if digging them into the ground. Now ‘pull up’ your anus and perineum. If you cannot maintain this tension (eventually, with practice, you will) just keep squeezing and pulling up. This will feel like a ‘pumping’ sensation. To maintain the squeeze is preferable, but pumping will do.

Now you will probably feel a heat from your perineum/anus rising up the spine. This is the stagnant sexual energy and you are now waking this up, drawing it up the spine.

Can you feel that heat?

Now visualise that you are THROWING this up and out of the top of your head—DRAMATICALLY. Throw it up in the air and let it disappear. Keep that tension in your perineum/anus and keep bringing that energy up the spine and throwing it out of the top of your head.

Relax your toes but maintain the anal tension. Continue to throw the energy up and out.
Now relax everything but stay upright. That completes the practice, dead easy or what?

Now just to finish you off (pun intended):

VERY IMPORTANT—Ground Yourself: Stamp your feet, shout, scream (this releases energy, don’t ask, just humour me and do it) and then return to the initial knees-soft standing posture (without tensing your toes or anus) and visualise roots growing out of the soles of your feet. You might even want to go outside and do it or stand with your back against a tree and do it. If you are a wheelchair user, you can of course, do all the above in your own way and easily visualise growing roots out of the soles of your feet. You can back your wheelchair up against a tree, no problem.

The grounding after an exercise of this nature is important and also can be very helpful before and after masturbating. Try it and see what difference it makes. Put as much effort into your grounding practice as you did throwing the energy out of the top of your head.

We are now with this article and the series on masturbation, really getting to know how to work with our sexual energy. I ask this a lot and will continue to ask you: can you feel that heat?


Matt xXx

Here’s to your intimate adventures…

*This article is written based on Matt’s personal and professional experiences and does not make any claim to be in replacement of treatment for Haemorrhoids or the symptoms of Haemorrhoids and makes no claims to improve sexual performance. NB Please seek medical advice before attempting the exercises mentioned in this article should you require this. Matt cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects experienced as a result of not taking this advice and this article is not to be used in replacement of medical, psychological or emotional treatment.

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Matt Chase

Matt Chase is a Sex Worker and Writer with professional training in Counselling and Psychotherapy. He is also an ex-nurse and so you can imagine how he makes the business of sex interesting. He believes that Sex Work is a Caring Profession. Matt, who is known as ‘Matt-at-Lotus’ to his clients, specialises in helping men to connect emotionally using touch, kink, breathing exercises and horny adventures. Matt believes passionately that you can make love on a one night stand and encourages men to explore this belief by putting it into practice. He works as a professional Escort, Sex Worker, Sexual Masseur and also writes on Sex and Relationships, Kink, Connecting Emotionally and Mental Health. He blogs at: and can be found at: He is based in Manchester UK and travels internationally.


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