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Miss Poison & Luna Wolf | Evil Twins Feature


Miss Poison & Luna Wolf | Evil Twins Feature

SimplySxy is excited to feature Missy Poison, an alternative model published worldwide in tattoo, horror and fetish publications.  She has been involved in the modelling industry for 6 years.MLE045AA

Recently transitioning into acting and known as a scream queen due to the love for all things horror, 2014 saw the beginning of a brand new project for Miss Poison – the birth of the evil twins with her fellow model Luna Wolf.  Together they specialise in all things horror and aside from being models, they produce their own films and photograph events, both are models and have works published in their respective specialist fields.
As Missy Poison puts it, “There is no such thing as spare time in my world … I am a workaholic and like nothing more than to stay as busy as possible and with an array of projects already lined up for 2015, I am eager to start off the twins year with a bang so any spare time at the moment is spent making sure we all we need to take on conventions and finally be able to take our products and ourselves to our fans, to be able to share our love for all things evil and SYNister and to continue supporting indie horror.”

It’s okay … it’s okay to express yourself, to not hide away for fear of what people may think.
It’s not okay … it’s not okay to live in fear of any form of prejudice for being different.

Bottomline, people can be nasty, judgmental and scared of things they don’t understand. Long term educationMLE027AA is key. Missy Poison being Dominant to Luna Wolf shows a great responsibility of control and focus; she knows and trusts Luna, knows all of Luna’s strengths and weaknesses, psychologically and physically.

Luna trusts Missy unconditionally and hands over the control to her and through this, they can please each other safely. But this is not something to be afraid of. All this are the results of two people expressing their enjoyment over acts of love and friendship that are not socially accepted yet. As long as two people consent in a safe expression to the point where no one will be seriously harmed, why should this be seen as wrong?

Luna’s personal opinions on her role as a submissive to Missy: (may not be the opinions of others)

I enjoy handing control over to Missy, I get to let someone else make the decisions. I let go of the stresses and my body can relax fully to let my mind rest, to trust her to know me well enough to make me walk a path that is good for me and that I will enjoy. Being boMLE006AAund tightly reminds me to let go, allow being controlled. To be spanked gives me adrenalin and a natural feeling of being alive and aware. I thank Missy regularly with the utmost respect, which in turn gives her a feeling of appreciation to her actions. The feeling that someone I trust will pay attention to my needs and thoughts … to help me get there without me questioning others options, to be straight and direct. Without wondering what other people may think about the actions I take … Missy is giving me the ultimate power to be myself without hiding anything. For me, this is unconditional love and freedom. But it doesn’t end there, if I’ve been spanked, I have taken on pain, to ensure my thoughts don’t get confused and my mind can heal, Missy spends time with loving actions and non-punishment acts to remind me there is unconditional love between us, that there is not always pain in this world.

Check Missy Poison out at or follow her on facebook or twitter!

Images courtesy of Missy Poison and photography by CJ Chmiel
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