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Needle Play – Are you ready for the Blood and Pain?


Needle Play – Are you ready for the Blood and Pain?

Mistress Zeena Swansea offers a very safe procedure called Needle Play.  She IMG_0889is aware of the safety of her clients and also the clinical waste aspects of body piercing which gives her the confidence to offer such Needle Play sessions.  Here’s what she says: 

Being a pro Domme myself, I have been in the body piercing & tattooing industry and have years of experience, which naturally leads to me offering of Needle Play in my sessions.

The majority of my clients mostly require nipples & genital piercing with different sizes of needles. The needle gets pushed into the skin penetrating the required area.  If it is done in a safe, clean and sterile environment. However, bleeding is expected, and depending on the client themselves, some do bleed more than others.



Before starting Needle Play, agreeing on a safe word to use is always required from the sub.  Most clients enjoy the pain as a relief from their daily life, some try it out of curiosity and enjoy it while others do not like it at all . I suppose people don’t understand Needle Play at all but I enjoy the more harder play.  One of the exciting aspects of Needle Play for my clients comes from seeing their own blood run down their body but there are others who run a mile when it comes down to the actual session. IMG_0887

Most clients requiring this session normally would know that needle play is NOT something you can do yourself.  It is important that you are skilled in doing such procedures.  If you nick a vein wrongly, you will soon be in trouble, so always do research on such practices. Needle Play is definitely not for novice subs in any way!!  Also, following proper clinical waste procedures is also required!



Images courtesy of Mistress Zeena
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Mistress Zeena

I am Mistress Zeena, a strict, sensual, controlling Mistress, who truly delights in educating experienced and novice subs. A controlling femme fatale, I offer specialist forms of domination and control as well as unique training. I'm a hard core Dominatrix with no limits and have a fully equipped dungeon with lots of BDSM equipment!


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