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Interview with Japanese Pornstar Marica Hase (まりか)


Interview with Japanese Pornstar Marica Hase (まりか)

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SimplySxy:  Where is the craziest place you have ever had sex? ダウンロード

Marica まりか:  I’ve had sex at so many different crazy places such as rooftops, on the railroad track in the middle of night when people were sleeping, in the recording booth at sound studios, in a car while my boyfriend was driving in the broad daylight, parking lots, construction site, etc. It’s hard to say which place was the craziest.

My first boyfriend was not in the sex industry, but he liked bondage, domination or having sex in public. At the time, I simply thought all the crazy things he was doing were the normal sexual acts amongst adults, because he was the only one I knew.

SimplySxy:  Does the size of a man’s penis matter to you?  What is your ideal penis size during sex?

MARICA 2Marica まりか:  The size, length, or hardness of penis doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is my partner’s personality, and perhaps the situation or the mood. I am so used to working with such Godzilla-size penises, sometimes I get paranoid that I may unwittingly hurt my partners’ feelings by getting a look on my face that says “oh, how small is this!?”, lol.

SimplySxy:  Is there a secret to staying this beautiful?

Marica まりか:  For some people, lots of make-up, cosmetic surgery or sexy dress work well, but it’s too much for me.  I think what makes me sexy is the natural, youthful asian look. So I try to work on my natural beauty, as opposed to using the artificial beautifying methods, by taking a very good care of my skin, wearing sun-block whenever I’m outside and eating lots of vegetables and supplements.

SimplySxy:  What is your definition of “Sexy” ?

Marica まりか:  Sexy = Zest for lifewho-is-Marcia-Hase-is-star-or-no-star-Marcia-Hase-celebrity-vote

There are many gorgeous girls in the porn industry.  Some of them look just as beautiful as the movies stars I saw as a child, but the skin-deep beauty alone does’t mean sexy. I am more attracted to those who enjoy their lives to the fullest and laughs a lot. I think that passion for life is what makes a person sexy and I want to be that way, too.

SimplySxy:  Thank you very much for being on SimplySxy.  It was our pleasure to be able to feature you.  Is there a message you like to leave to all your friends and the SimplySxy readers?

Marica まりか:  I am the first native Japanese pornstar to work internationally. It is still not easy to be accepted in this industry for a Japanese woman, but I will continue to work very hard to explore my possibilities & reach my dreams. I hope such efforts of mine will also inspire my fans in some way.

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Images courtesy of Marica Hase
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