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Interview with Japanese Pornstar Marica Hase (まりか)


Interview with Japanese Pornstar Marica Hase (まりか)

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Marica Hase (まりか) is a Japanese pornographic actress and AV Idol who has starred in over hundreds of films since her AV debut in 2009.  She was the first Japanese AV Idol to work in the US and was chosen as the Penthouse Pet of the Month in January 2013.  SimplySxy takes this wonderful opportunity to feature Marica through an interview to find out more about her.

SimplySxy:  Thank you very much for being on SimplySxy.  You’re an international pornstar and hold the honour of being the first japanese Penthouse Pet of USA.  Starring in many films to date, what type of sex scenes do you enjoy being in. 62e799357817dc8527f63cc5aee76124

Marica まりか: In my private life, I prefer being girlie – I love things that are pretty, cute or romantic. The same goes for sex.

So it’s a pleasure for me to work for Penthouse personally and professionally. I really enjoy being in their gorgeous and romantic scenes that rival normal films. But at the same time, I think one of our jobs as pornstars is to show the type of sex that normal people can’t do. The kind of sex that are extraordinarily beautiful or incredibly passionate (that it is almost aggressive).

For that reason it is just as much of pleasure for me to be in the ultimate SM scenes that can only be accomplished by being surrounded by the experienced professionals at It is also amazing to be able to work for Bang Bros and be able do super passionate interracial scenes with Prince Yashua, the top black porn actor who is physically 5 time bigger than little Japanese me.

SimplySxy:  Is there a sex scene you enjoy most of all and why?

532919_marica_hase_model_erotika_2000x1333_( まりか:  Evil Angel – Raw 11.

This was the first video I did in America shot by Manuel Ferrara. The whole video is shot POV style, starting with a date in Hollywood, shopping, lunch then going to the hotel at the end.

I’d never been in a shoot in America before, and I was so nervous. Manuel took me out for dinner a night before to help me relax so that I could enjoy the date in the shoot next day.

“Marica doesn’t understand English. Marica is VERY Japanese. What we want to shoot is Marica being just the way you are, wearing your own make up and clothes. Use a dictionary if you want. When I came from France long time ago, I couldn’t speak English either, so I know how you feel. I just want you to continue enjoying our date just the way you are right now”, he said.

I have enjoyed being in many different projects since then from super hardcore to beautiful ones, but I think I enjoyed that project the most for letting me be just the way I was.

SimplySxy:  A lot of our readers are interested to know your views on the difference between Japanese and US pornography?

Marica まりか:  The ideal porn actress for Japanese men is fragile, sweet and helpless. On the other hand, men in America and Europe look for strength, sexiness, and aggressiveness in a woman. These differences have a great impact on how I behave as a porn actress, from the gestures I use in the porno shoot to the type of selfies I would upload for promotional purposes.b3e2a7e0594e5d7d11c8fa9bc8773b9b

The Japanese ladies always prioritize men’s enjoyments first. This does not mean they aren’t enjoying. They feel even better about being the kind of women who prioritizes men’s pleasure… I guess that’s a cultural thing.

I was born and raised in Japan, and such attitude came natural to me. One of the biggest challenges for me as an international star was to make the necessary adjustments so that my play will be appropriate for the international audience.

SimplySxy:  Can you share with us some personal sex tips to have an amazing time in the bedroom?

Marica まりか:  Just be yourself, your true self. Unlike the porn shoot, there is no one watching you in your bedroom. Get rid of your inhibition and explore what you really desire deep down, and really enjoy each other’s company.

Read on to see more of Marica Hase’s photos as she talks about the craziest places she has ever had sex, her ideal penis size during sex and her definition of Sexy.

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