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Sex Positions ♥ Doorway to Heaven

Sex Ed

Sex Positions ♥ Doorway to Heaven

Sam Aotaki, an Actress and Alternative Model living in Los Angeles, shares her views on the Sex Position – Doorway to Heaven.1922103_10152182523965399_2057633463_n-1

Description: Open her doorway to orgasm and send her to Heaven. This oral sex position allows her to view his cunnilingus skills in progress, while also keeping her comfortably in tune with her clitoris. The female should lay on her side, raising one leg over the male.  He then comes in from behind and places one arm under her leg and the other on her body.  Use an upward licking motion.

What Excites Sam Aotaki: For me it’s the fact the the position is very easy for you to control them, since they are comfortable and their head can move around a lot it’s easy to grab their hair or maybe make them look at you while he’s doing it, he has a lot of room and leverage there so he can do as he pleases as well as use his fingers easily.

What Doesn’t Excite Sam Aotaki: Personally I will admit I’m a little bit lazy in bed, I know I know but hey it’s usually at night or in the morning for me and my boo, so I get tired sometimes! The fact that you aren’t totally laying down, you kinda have to prop yourself up or just make sure your leg doesn’t come crashing down on him.  It can be a little tiring but other than that I never complain if my man wants to give me a little something.

Best locations to do it:  For couples who want to spice it up and love crazy things, try it in front of a mirror or even have the woman lay on the bathroom counter so she can watch herself get turned on by you.  For our more homey folks, that like it a little quieter, it’s pretty chill to just do it on the couch where u can get comfortable; maybe put on some music or even the tv, whatever!

Ways to Spice it Up: I’m a huge bondage fan and since you are the one being pleasured; guess who gets to be the dominatrix!  If he lets you, try putting a leash/dog collar on him and control him like that, even scratching his back or pulling his hair.  If you feel like submissing, you can put a blindfold on yourself, or maybe a gag or even tie your feet together.  You can also make it fun by using flavoured body massage oil or body butter too. I’m not a fan of that just because you do get a little sticky but it tastes great.

Sam’s Verdict: A+! Great position for the woman and a comfortable way to pleasure your woman as a partner 🙂

Images courtesy of Sam Aotaki and Shutterstock

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Sam Aotaki

Sam Aotaki is an Actress and Alternative Model living in Los Angeles, CA. She is currently in her early 20's and is becoming the new face in town.


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