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Why 1 In 3 Men Cannot Control Ejaculation

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Why 1 In 3 Men Cannot Control Ejaculation

A man may lose control over his own normal ejaculation for various reasons. Therefore, when this control is lost, the only way to get it back is with patience and certain ways to treat in a very positive way.

 Are Ejaculation Issues Mind Over Matter In Reality?

The mind can indeed become a big problem where ejaculation issues are concerned. This is because it does have a tendency to create them very effectively. However, just as effectively as it can create them, the mind can destroy them. So, with this said, in essence mind over matter does matter where ejaculation issues are the focus. However, if a man has an ejaculation issue, it won’t really matter much when he does climax. Therefore, he should stimulate his partner to the very brink of orgasm at the very same time he feels he is ready to climax himself. Then it is matter over mind.

What Are Some Common Psychological Causes For ED?

Some of the most apparent of all common psychological causes for erectile dysfunction (ED) are as follows. These psychological causes can range from the lack of overall attractiveness to a partner to certain religious beliefs that having sex is very sinful to traumatic events. These traumatic events can include having a partner cheat on them to having illicit sex to discovering that they have been masturbating in secret and it is brought to attention by someone. There are also some factors where anger towards a partner can be involved and this brings it on.

What Are Some Common Ejaculation Problems?

Some very common ejaculation problems do include premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation. Each one of these ejaculation issues is not identical in nature. They all have their own individual symptoms and so forth. Therefore, with this said, just like there are numerous causes for these issues, there are also numerous forms of these problems at the end of the day.

What Causes Delayed Ejaculation?

There are lots of varying reasons why a man gets delayed ejaculation. Some of these reasons can be due to taking anti-depressants for depression to you name it. Another reason is a man’s advancing age. A good deal of time, the nerve endings on the penis do become less sensitive with physical age. A man’s erection ability is another thing that can go down physically with age too.

Does Masturbation With Ejaculation Issues?

A man can have a strong hand in his own delayed ejaculation problem. How can he do this? He just needs to do some very good masturbation with his hand on his penis. A masturbation technique that has lots of very real pressure, friction, and intense speed can do wonders for a stimulation like no other. Men can physically train themselves to pleasure themselves to such a level of top stimulation that even what a partner can provide them with falls on the average. Therefore, masturbation is indeed a good thing, and it can help a man’s ejaculation in a major physical way that is also therapeutic in delivery. Masturbation is something that can also teach a man to control his own level of arousal. This is a working essential if a man is trying to delay orgasms for himself.

What Are Some Other Ways To Treat Premature Ejaculation?

A technique that is very time honored and popular is no other than the distract yourself technique. You should distract yourself from having an orgasm by focusing on something that is either very boring or disgusting to you in description. This will help to halt your want to have an orgasm in a very big way. This is something that may prove to work for some men. However, for others it can distract them away from their partner, and also, from the sexual experience that is trying to take place.

Just because a man has issues with control over his own ejaculation, it doesn’t mean it is the end of the world for him sexually overall. If anything, it is quite the reverse, there is hope to regain control of male ejaculation with just the right form of treatment. However, he himself needs to determine what that specific treatment is and apply it to the root cause.

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