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3 Tips to be a Sex Pro

Sex Ed

3 Tips to be a Sex Pro

Sex can be a very confusing but wonderful thing if you know what you are doing. Here I have compiled a list of tips to make you successful in the bedroom.  These 3 simple easy steps can turn you from an average joe into a sex pro!

1. Learn the human anatomy. Males and females all have erogenous zones. These zones are places you want to touch to increase pleasure to your partner.  Learning all these areas can help decrease tension and increase arousal. These zones are located all over a person’s body, some in plain sight such as the neck, and some in hidden areas like the clitoris under the clitoral hood. Foreplay is the foundation for an orgasm. Sometimes excitement makes you want to just jump right into it, but foreplay and a little bit of teasing goes a long way.

2. Communication. Knowing all these erogenous zones would be nothing without knowing how to communicate with your partner. Everyone has a preference on how they like certain things. Some people have sensitive organs and some people don’t. Some people prefer rough sex and some people prefer soft (vanilla) sex. It is all dependent on that person and without communicating, things can get lost in translation and a good time can become a not so amazing experience.

3. Experiment. You would be surprised what kind of niches/fetishes you may be into. Without experimenting, you will never know what it is like to try something new. Be open minded and have fun. Spicing things up can be a breathe of fresh air sometimes.

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