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Top 10 Things Men Want From Women In Bed

Sex Ed

Top 10 Things Men Want From Women In Bed

Ever wonder how to please your man in bed?

Here’s a list of what men really want from their women underneath the sheets:

1.  Women should be more interactive, in a way sometimes be more sexually aggressive to their man.

2.  No star-fishing hoes. (don’t just lay there and get fucked)

3.  Roll play with your man. It gets boring when we just do the same shit over and over.

4.  Change up your scenario. Go to the backyard and get a tan while cumming, or bend over that oven. Maybe try anal? Who knows, you could love it, like that ring on your finger…

5.  When’s the last time you gave your man road head? Think about it…

6.  Make your own porn. Drop your insecurities and make a video with your man. We’re all adults here.

7.  Ever thought about having sex with another female? Well, your man would fucking love to watch or be a part of that. Try it, you might just like it. I know sharing is hard but we’re not in kindergarten anymore.

8.  Take your man to a strip club. Not the one by 7/11 though. Buy your man a lap dance and see how well he treats you after that. You’d be surprised.

9.  Talk dirty, and I mean dirty. Bring out that inner slut you’ve bottled deep down inside you. Experiment with your body. There comes a time in everyone woman’s life where her man wants her to release that inner beast. We’re all humans, we all have demons, and we all have sick fantasies…

10.  Finally, just give your man a blowjob once in awhile … and I don’t mean once a week. That released of pent up sexual frustration and anger will do you and your man a great deal. Believe me I know …

Well, hope this helps you out somehow 🙂

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Images courtesy of Richie Black

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Richie Black

Richie Black aka Cody Sky is an Actor, Model and Photographer. He was the 2014 Playgirl Cover Model and AVN & XBIZ Nominee.


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