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What is a Hotwife?


What is a Hotwife?

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Over the Labor Day weekend, my husband and I went to Lake Havasu Arizona to see an old friend that I had not seen in over 20 years. We drove there from our home in Las Vegas Nevada. I was very excited to see what type of sexy men Lake Havasu had to offer and to see my old friend. We arrived at the hotel just in time for me to get ready for dinner with my friend. My pink dress fit perfectly to the curves of my body showing my voluptuous breasts and was short enough to almost show the bottom of my ass. The dress was accompanied by high pink pumps, which made my legs look even longer than they are, and of course no panties.

Dinner was wonderful but I found out that my long time friend was still in mommy mode and would not be able to accompany me out to the clubs, so I assured her that I would have fun for both of us later that night. We took her home after dinner and then my husband drove us a local lake Havasu bar called BJ`s. From the outside, it looked promising so we went inside. I walked in ahead of my cuckold husband so it would not look like we were together. I sat at one end of the bar and he sat far away from me but close enough to see what I was doing

I ordered a drink and looked around and saw a lot of cute twenty-something guys in the bar. It didn’t take but a few minutes before I was approached by a tall well-built younger man who asked me “Does your husband mind that you come out alone?

He must have noticed my wedding ring; I answered, “No he doesn’t mind at all, I am a Hotwife” I explained to him what a Hotwife was and he seemed to like it a lot! He was very cute and I let him know quickly that I was ready to feel his cock inside me right now. He then took me outside; behind the bar in a small walkway where I pull up my tiny dress to unveil my wet pussy and I reach over to feel his hard cock inside his pants. I undid his belt and pulled his pants down so we could quickly fuck before anyone saw us. The poor boy only lasted a couple minutes due to the excitement of the situation. He shot his cum deep inside my pussy and then pulled out. I don’t use condoms and love to feel cum inside my pussy.

I gave him a quick kiss and walk back inside the bar. I saw my cuckold husband at the end of the bar and whispered in his ear “You see that guy over there? He just fucked me in that hallway and came inside my pussy” I proceeded to find another even sexier guy who fucked me in a bathroom in the bar twice before security caught us the second time and asked me to leave! This is the current evolution of my Hotwife Cuckold relationship.

Stay tuned for more.

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Annette Hotwife

I am the Vice President of a Software Company and a mother of two children. I am a real Hotwife and my husband is a cuckold. I am involved in amateur xxx and love sharing my life and photos with others.


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