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How to Seduce a Man

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How to Seduce a Man

First and foremost, seduction does not require you to take off your clothes. All women are born with the sexual prowess to put men under our irresistible spell. Seduction is an art. Some are naturally gifted and others may require a little practice; but by keeping these simple tips in mind, you will successfully be able to lure your prey.

Be Confident

Seduction is a mind game and to win, confidence is essential. Relax. Smile. Laugh. Walk into the room with a regal attitude and heads will surely follow. Show off your best feature. I love to show off my soft and toned legs by wearing heels I am comfortable in walking in. Before you go out, wear sultry lingerie under your clothes; not for anyone else, but for yourself. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that no man will be able to resist you. There is something about wearing lingerie that boosts your self-esteem and empowers you. However, when interacting with your object of desire, let your confidence be genuine and flow naturally.

Body Language is Key

Don’t slouch. Good posture is sexy. Keep your back straight and hold your head high like the queen that you are. Be as physically close to him as possible without being overwhelming. Flirt with your eyes. Sometimes, they do all the speaking for you. Make eye contact during dinner, tilt your head, bat your eyes, and put on a playful smile. A simple touch can send a strong message. A gesture I like to do is to lightly touch his knee when he makes me laugh. I know this will pleasantly surprise him.

Be Mysterious

People are subconsciously attracted to mysterious beings. Use this to your advantage to be the seductive woman that you are. Give him something to imagine. Don’t give away all your clues. Make him figure you out. Be the chase; now it’s your turn to be the object of desire. Show off your neck and collarbone, a little bit of cleavage if you want, but nothing too obvious. You want to be understatedly sexy. If you’re going to reveal a part of your body, make sure other parts are covered. You want to make him wonder what you look like underneath your clothes.


Be A Tease
Men are visual creatures. Insist on going to a bakery to get cupcakes for dessert. Proceed to use your finger to eat the frosting off the cupcake and make sure he sees you lick your lips. Not only will he find this extremely cute but sensual as well. Whisper dirty things to him in public. If you’re in bed with him, slowly climb onto the bed on all fours. Make this look as natural as possible. I love to get on top and start a hot make out sesh. Gradually work you way down, licking his neck, biting his ears, kissing his chest and torso. Place your hand on his penis and gently stroke up and down. If he insists on you giving him a blowjob, don’t. Remember, he needs to earn his prize. Dry hump him. It will drive you both insane, but you want to create a sense of urgency in him. Make him weak to his knees. Be irresistible, sexy, and confident. You are the seductress.

by Alexa Chang

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Alexa Chang

Alexa Chang is a 20 year old Korean independent webcam model, college student, feminist, hedonist, and jewelry designer. She likes to break rules and follow her dreams. Chang has tremendous passion for organic living, photography, and arts. When she isn’t working or studying, she is taking photographs of the world, shopping in the streets of SoHo, eating gelato, and sipping lattes in Starbucks.


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