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Put her in the mood for Sex


Put her in the mood for Sex

Have there been instances when the sex was not as as wild because she wasn’t up for it?  Try these few tips the next time round to get her in the mood and have great sex every time.

1.  Kiss her

Kissing is a fantastic form of foreplay and can be wildly exciting in itself.  Start by kissing her slow and gently, focusing your lips on kissing her cheeks, moving on to her chin and her neck.  Then, draw her lower lip into your mouth and run the tip of your tongue across her teeth.

2.  Create anticipation

Talk sexy by complimenting her during foreplay.  Blindfolding her creates anticipation and whispering in her ear allows her imagination to run wild on what you might do.

3.  Enhance the mood

turn the bedroom into a hot sexy haven with candles, fragrance and music.  Find music that lulls the both of you into a deeper zone of letting go, one that helps you synchronize yourselves into a mutual sense of rhythm and pacing.  The right music really can stimulate the senses.  Keep all the essential items you need nearby such as condoms and message oils.

4.  Touch her in all the right places

When she starts to feel aroused, nibble her earlobe while breathing gently into her ear.  Caress her breasts and spend time kissing and stroking her inner thighs without coming into contact with her clitoris at all.

5.  Shower together

Make out in the shower and be her bathroom slave.  Undress her, soap her entire body and give her a head massage while shampooing her hair.  Use the shower head to wash her pubic hair, and tease her vagina as you go along.

6.  Using mirrors

Watching yourselves infront of the mirror can be doubly exciting.  Stand behind her and fondle her breasts while kissing her neck at the same time, she will have full view of what you are doing to her body.  Move your hands slowly down to her vagina and tease her with your fingers, making eye contact with her through the mirror.

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