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Queen of Lesbian Foot Worship: Kayla-Jane Danger

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Queen of Lesbian Foot Worship: Kayla-Jane Danger


Some people might think it’s dangerous to go from a go-go dancer, burlesque performer and fashion design and illustration student to being the Queen of Lesbian Foot Worship and soft core sensual scenes, but in eight years, Kayla-Jane Danger has done it…and without fear, making fantasy into her real world. In her previous incarnation, Danger garnered the title Music Video Honey and appeared in over 50 videos for world famous bands. Along with appearing on her own site that she runs, operates and makes exclusive content for, the girl next door with the ALT look has worked with Burning Angel and Sex Art, and been photographed by legendary photographers Holly Randall and Ken Marcus for the multiple times she has graced the pages of Hustler’s Taboo.

Her site,, received nominations in 2013 from The Sex Awards, XBIZ and AVN, and features Danger’s perfect legs ass and feet working with some of the hottest girls dreams are made of—her myriad of high quality fetish and erotic sites that make up her KJD Media network are some of the most popular and original sites in the fetish world. In 2014, Kayla’s dynamic sites helped her win AEVC’s award for Best Webstar of the Year, and she made her directorial debut with Filly Films and her movie, Carrie’s Secret, which she also wrote and had a cameo in.

Kayla stars in Zalman King’s film, “Pleasure or Pain”, that debuted in April on Cinemax, and completed a novel based on the screenplay currently available as an eBook on Amazon and Smashbooks. To keep up with her ever-growing empire and exciting new projects including her VIP parties, directorial debut for Filly Films, and her role as spokes model and participant in the goldRush Rally, follow her on Twitter at @kjdangerdoll and Instagram and make sure to “like” her fan page on Facebook at

SimplySxy:  What is your favourite thing about being in the adult industry?

Kayla-Jane: My favorite part might be that it exists at all. We’re lucky to live in a country with a “legal” adult industry, and without it I wouldn’t be able to express myself and my art in the same way. I get to live out my fantasies in a controlled and safe way on a daily basis, and what is better than that?!

Kayla Jane Danger shows off whats under her skirt

SimplySxy:  You are also known as The Danger Doll. How did this name originate? 

Kayla-Jane:  I really don’t remember. I want to say my full name, Kayla-Jane Danger, came first, but then, like all nicknames do, it took on a life of its own. I was The Danger Doll, a doll like-lady made for danger! It just stuck!

SimplySxy:  The kink community is growing in numbers and even couples who are not into kink are beginning to take interest and explore in the bedroom. Can you give some tips for couples who like to try something kinky for the first time but are unsure of how to begin? 

Kayla-Jane:  Two of my biggest tips are to not be intimidated and do your research. Yes, sex is fun, silly and great, but without some good old-fashioned research, you could make a kinky time awkward and potentially unsafe. Also, communication is super important; not all kinks are something everyone likes the first tim, or can even jump right into. Don’t always pick the biggest, baddest looking toy or prop, because it might turn you off to the kink all together. Enjoy the learning process with your partner, try things on one another, and make sure you communicate your pleasure or displeasure accurately.

SimplySxy:  In your opinion, how do you think a person develops a fetish for a particular item, say for example fishnet stockings or high heels to name just two?

Kayla-Jane:  Well, it comes from a lot of things. However, the fetish you’re describing is usually something picked up from youth, and isn’t a learned fetish, like many activities, such as spanking or bondage are.


SimplySxy: What are some of your most loved kink items you simply can’t live without?

Kayla-Jane:  HEELS HEELS HEELS … wait can heels be my answer for all of this? Okay, maybe a pair of epic stilettos, a corset, a heavy leather/suede flogger, 3-piece silk or lace lingerie set and nylon stockings. I hope that didn’t seem like cheating!

SimplySxy: Please share with us some memorable fetish requests from your fans which you have done?

Kayla-Jane: There’s one guy who has purchased probably about 15 or so custom video from me over the years; his fetish is white cotton panty play. Either 1 or 2 girls are wearing cropped t-shirts with bare feet, wearing very specific Hanes brand white cotton panties. He likes girls to use words like booty, bum, butt, and bottom, but not ass. He likes girls to pinch each other’s bootys, or rub and squeeze them, but we always make sure to smooth the panties, because he hates wedgies! He loves when the girls rub their butts together smoothing their hands over their butts together or side by side, so he gets a bum overload! I have done these videos with several performers like Jenna J Ross, Remy LaCroix, Skin Diamond, Athena Fatale, and one of my exclusive dolls, Jeanette. He literally tells me to make the same video over and over again. He just loves the scene and the way I do it so much, and I love making these videos for him!

SimplySxy: As we are on memorable fetishes, have there been any weird or freaky fetishes, which you heard of that you might consider rejecting if requested? 

Kayla-Jane: Oh, I have rejected a lot, and I even state on my website I that I won’t do anything illegal, including crushing of animals or insects, anything involving animals, shit/scat, piss or blood. I also don’t engage in racial or religious humiliation either.  I might toy with turning myself into your GOD, but I won’t belittle a religion or race, or make humiliation role play out of it.

SimplySxy: Are there any adult stars whom you wish to work with if you had the chance?

Kayla-Jane: Lucky for me, I do all the booking at KJD Media, so I tend to book the girls I want. However, there are a few I haven’t been able to nail down over the years for various reasons. I would LOVE to shoot with Dana DeArmond for, and also Riley Reed and Ryan Ryans.

Kayla Jane Danger strips down oils up and shows off her high arched feet

SimplySxy: Tease us and allow our imagination to go wild. One of our readers has a fetish for girl and girl toe licking. How will you go about satisfying this fetish?

Kayla-Jane:  I’d tell them to go to, where they can watch a bevy of beauties and me worshiping each other from the toes up. It’s a place where ladies wrap their lips around each toe, slipping their tongues between each toe, pulling away with long strands of spit connecting them. Some girls are delicate and flick their tongues along the arches of their lover as if it were her pussy, and others devour feet taking in all their toes at once, sometimes two feet at a time! My Dolls and I know how to fill every fantasy!

SimplySxy: Thank you for your time Kayla. Do you have any upcoming projects you wish to promote? 

Kayla-Jane:  GoldRush Rally is just a few weeks away, and it is my 5th year on the rally, and as its Hostess. It is the most fun time of year for me, and I can’t wait for another epic crosscountry adventure. If you want to know where you can see the cars and me along the way, please visit Also, I have a few feature scripts in the works but nothing nailed down as of now. Don’t forget to check out my recent release “Carrie’s Secret”, which is my first film I directed for Filly Films.

A message from you to all your fans and the SimplySxy readers:

Make sure to see the amazing fast cars and me on the Gold Rush Rally. It starts May 31st in Las Vegas and goes through Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, DC and ends in New York. It’s quite a ride and the fans get to meet us in many cities. There are parties and track events open to the public, and they can see us speed off, too. There’s nothing quite like it.

goldrushrally itinerary 2014

Make sure to check out my official sites at and Follow my personal Twitter @KJDangerDoll and my company one is @KJDMedia, and my Instagram Make sure to like my Facebook Fan Page

Images courtesy of Kayla-Jane Danger

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