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Fan Submissions – Forbidden Fruit (Part 2)


Exciting Escapades

Fan Submissions – Forbidden Fruit (Part 2)

This is a continuation from the previous article, Forbidden Fruit (Part 1)

When I retired back into the bedroom, the sight I saw before me filled my mind with a sense of elation that travelled along my spine in the form of a cold shiver.  She slept on her bosom exposing her backside which was like a serene valley married to her legs replicating the river Nile flowing graciously endowing her elegance all around her.  The white sheet partly covered her voluptuous bottom exposing her sensitive skin, covering the river and the valley like a fresh breath of the morning dew.  Her hair was concealing her face like a royal veil perfumed with petrichor.  I positioned myself beside her on the bed so that I could trace my finger over her silky smooth skin as slowly as possible cherishing the tingling sensation I enjoyed.  When I reached the peak of her rear side, she twitched and then turned over to face me.  The light which crept in through the little window highlighted her heart-stopping face, adding to the aura, she perspired and her gentle moan gave me goose bumps.  Before opening her eyes, she smiled a smile which could scar the sun and shame the moon.  And when she finally opened her eyes, she exposed those hazel green eyes which the sunrise competed and lost with.  This sight made me collapse beside her with a melted heart.  Then, I slowly parted a strand of hair from her face to expose those dimples which complimented her smile like Saturn’s rings complimented the planet.  Although photography was a passion of mine, I didn’t dare reach out for my camera because at that moment I was the most selfish man on the planet for I didn’t want to share this beautiful image with another life form.

With my thumb, I smoothly marked the outline of her cherry blossom lips and with my index finger I travelled along her nose which stood like the mount Zion majestically crowning her plains.  That was when she sighed and rested on her backside, flaunting her eye popping assets.  Her bosom cascaded a curvaceous pair of teats which resembled the most ripe of melons with her precious pink nipples rising from a perfect circular areola, tempting me to climb her vines so that I could just fall into a trance, savouring it’s delicacy.  From her twin orbs, her waist curved in like an hourglass bordering a flawless tapestry, falling into a dip exactly at the centre, reproducing a button which held her fragility together.  Her legs were entwined together concealing a triangular mound, a sculpture carefully chiselled by the master artist.

She took part in that moment of silence as we silently admired each other’s eyes while she modestly covered her breasts with her upper arm delicately placing her left hand under her face as she played with my curls with her other arm, initiating a peck on my nose which made me smile.  “I thought you were asleep“, I uttered and she replied with a coy smile before saying “I was reliving last night“.  When I informed her that I resonated the same thoughts and wondered about it, she enlightened me saying that it was love at its purest form.  Next, when I asked her “What is love?“, my Aphrodite slipped her fingers under my chin to conceal me in a kiss which disclosed the most authentic, natural, transparent and unadulterated of truths nature set aside for us mortals to figure out.


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