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Let the Dirty Talks Boost Your Sex Life

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Let the Dirty Talks Boost Your Sex Life

Make love to me honey” or “Fuck the shit out of me”.  Which is the best way to tell your man (or woman) what you want them to do to you?

In my experience, there is a time for everything.  After a romantic night out and cuddling up on the sofa, maybe the first option is the better.  Then again, what if you just met someone in a club and you are both a little tipsy and you can feel his hard on through his jeans just waiting to get into you, then the second option might be the better one.

I have always been outspoken and never afraid of telling men what I wanted and how I wanted it.  Even when I was in my early twenties I would surprise my boyfriend with romantic outcries like “stick that thing in me baby” or “take me harder”, or even a “let me taste you”.  A lot of times these little things made the man look at me in confusion and sometimes I could spot a bit of fear in his face, like if he was thinking; “what kind of porn actress have I got here?”  I was actually dumped by a guy because he couldn’t handle my choice of words.

This brings up the topic of this article; when is it appropriate to use those strong adjectives?

In my experience it’s all about the situation and what kind of guy you are with.  Like I mentioned in the beginning, if you are having a romantic evening and have just come home, then it might be better to use some softer language.  At the same time, if you have just met someone, there might also be a good reason to be careful of the words you use; you don’t want to give the wrong impression on your first date, even though your body screams for him to take you hard against that cold backstreet wall.

When you have a stable relationship it is always fun to mix it up a bit.  I used to date this guy and we had a little game going.  When he would pick me up for a night out I would always greet him at the door dressed to kill.  High heels, short skirt, make up and the sexy lingerie.  I would then invite him in for a drink and just before leaving he would fuck me against my kitchen table.  Just pull up my skirt and stick it in me.  Meanwhile we would both be using some very juicy words.  Why did we do it like that?  Well, we were both working stressful jobs and I guess it was a way to get rid of the build up from the week to be able to relax together.

Men watch and read more porn than women do, and in porn the girls almost always use some pretty dirty language.  For younger guys this might make them believe that is the way a woman should be in bed.  Wrong.  If a man makes us hot enough we will, out of pure horniness come out with some very detailed adjectives on what we would like him to do to us.

In the end, it’s all about the situation and the company you have, but never be afraid to let go of that hidden porn actress deep inside you and let your man know that you want him to make you scream like never before.



Natasha Tsarina

Natasha Tsarina is the author of fourteen Erotic novellas. When she doesn’t write she likes to take long walks and read. She lives in Spain, and before that for extended time in South and North America. She can be reached through email and you can find her books on Amazon.


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