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Interview with Mistress Anna


Interview with Mistress Anna

The recent HongKong Kink Con was held from 14-16 February and SimplySxy had the opportunity to ask one of the presenters, Mistress Anna, a few questions on her involvement in HKKC as well as her interests.

SimplySxy: How did you get involved in HKKC?

Mistress Anna: I was very lucky to be put forward by Decima of whom I had became acquainted with at Sydney Rope Dojo several years ago. I had also invited Decima along to my Sydney Dommes & subs Munch on several occasions and she made quite a lasting impact with the group. Such an experienced international Domina!

SimplySxy: What can people look forward to in your Humiliation and CBT workshops and why are they so popular?

Mistress Anna: I hope I can bring my own style and flavour to the table- I tend to be sadistic… in the nicest or NOT SO nicest possible way {evil grin}. I’m sure there are some of the old favourites and I hope to show {and hopefully learn} a new trick or two.

I think these classes are so popular because they can bring out the most down right evil and sadistic play. Humiliation play can delve deep into the psyche and can touch our most inner emotions.

SimplySxy: At HKKC you’re conducting two Boot Camp Mistress sessions. How do they differ from more conventional Bootcamps offered in various cities around the world?

Mistress Anna: Getting fit and BDSM is the best possible kind of match! Who doesn’t want to be “FORCED to get fit”?

SimplySxy: How important is it to attend workshops as a presenter or an attendee?

Mistress Anna: People should never stop learning, expanding and experiencing. There are always new techniques, revision, networking, community good will and more to be shared from a presenter or attendees point.

SimplySxy: Brian Robertson mentioned in his interview that he chose you because you are so integrated into your own community as an organiser. How do you contribute to your community in Sydney?

Mistress Anna: My contributions in the Kink Community are integrated into all aspects of my Lifestyle. I run The Sydney Dommes and subs group, we meet monthly for a Munch and I usually have a topic or theme.

During the Munches we have raised money for ACON (as part of The Boot Camp CITY2SURF group), against Human Trafficking in Thailand, WIRES for the Wildlife from the Australian bushfire disasters, and in February we are supporting one of our Domina who is doing FEBFAST (raising money for alcohol and drug rehabilitation).
Last year we had a Domme and sub “Morning Tea” when VIP guest Milla Reika was here for Sydney Rope Festival and in March we support one of our Ladies who is “Ms Sydney Leather 2013” to fly to the U.S to vie for the International role.

I have extended invitations to other groups such as Sydney Leather Pride, Ms Dee from UBER, SWOP and HELLFIRE to our Munches to widen the knowledge in our community and in kind I have been asked to present workshops during Sydney Leather Pride week and at UBER.  My Boot Camp sessions have branched off into 1 to 1 Boot Camp sessions and I often “manscape” subs with hair removal by wax.  My dear friend Ms Silk takes Kinky Yoga at my premises together we motivate kinksters through better health and flexibility to achieve their own personal kinky goals. A health and nutrition catering company called “Love Kitchen” operates out of my premises from my commercial kitchen~kinksters can order daily and weekly bespoke meals.

My vision is for healthy mind, body and spirit for our Kink Community under one roof~a holistic integrated centre.  Next to join me will be a Life Coach, a Nutritionist, a Chiropractor, Naturopath and Massuse.  The plan seems to be coming together!!

For more information on Mistress Anna, visit her website here.  HongKong Kink Con might be over for this year, but do follow them at their website here to keep yourself updated for any new information or events that might be coming up!

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