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Fan Submissions – Coitus Lover

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Fan Submissions – Coitus Lover

Been a while since I really had mind blowing intimate coitus with my girlfriend.  I could tell she was getting bored too.  Not that we do not have great sex , but after the oral and different positions (well how many position can you go, it’s not like both of us are porn stars), we decided to go to the next level.  We are not that bold to start swinging, because we respect each other and we believe in monogamous living and making love is both an emotional and satisfying process.

Imagine if we just had sex without the pre-coitus foreplay of flirtation, which led me to decide on getting some nice exquisite lingerie and toys.  I have a few ideas in mind and lingerie is my priority.  Ah, the decision making process during my purchase was a wild ride, like a mad hatter having a conversation at the tea party.  It boiled down to a comfortable lacy type with an easy access to the forbidden fruit.

Now comes the presentation.  Me being the hopeless romantic, wrapped up the lingerie gently surrounded with lovely chocolates in an eye catching box, which even seduced me, and I was ready for the next level.  A strange thought came to my mind.  Aren’t your lover’s bedroom apparel seductive enough?  I mean, did the cotton panties and brightly coloured bras make you horny even before hitting the sheets?  Will she be offended?  Being in an Asian society, was love making just involving both to open up, get it done with and close it shut?  Hey who cares!  It’s me that’s transmitting my alpha male testosterone and on the receiving end is a woman who enjoys the way I give it to her (Chest Thumping Action).

The end result was a notch up experience for us, she was over the moon about the whole process from presentation to the final act, and I was richly rewarded with being chosen as the mating partner.  Hmmmmm, shall I edge up a little more with my next adventure of using a sex toy or should I still rely on my little Miguel who deserves a mention.  Ah… Coitus the whole package is part of life, enjoy it albeit safely though.

Coitus lover

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