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Putting It |ON|

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Putting It |ON|

This is for the benefit of those ladies out there who are too shy to question and the men who never care to share.  It all started with a seemingly innocent statement when the mon ami and I were walking down the streets of Rueil-Malmaison  one evening.  I was checking out a condom vending machine by the pharmacy when he blurted that he would have to purchase some condoms for his friends as the ones in Singapore were not as comfy.  The wheels started turning in my head and before long, I was bombarding him on the types of condoms that are exclusive to Paris.  While I was vaguely aware of the selection that is available to the male population, I was never properly introduced to these.  Moreover, I had always assumed that those fanciful looking square boxes were simply mere products of marketing gimmicks and the condom is well … just a piece of very useful phallic-looking piece of rubber for preventing the holy mother of all accidents.  Hence, I embark on yet another great google-hunt.  This together, with some personal feedback that I have gathered will hopefully, add some variety to the bedroom.

One of the most apparent difference is that of the diameter, with condoms sold in Europe and United States offering a bigger diameter for the better endowed while the Asian equivalent provides a snug fit.  In addition, condoms in Europe and the United States are available in premiums of 18 while the ones in Asia are usually limited to 12 a pack.  A number of condoms have also emerged as top favourites among Durex users.  Durex’s Super Safe is resistant to wear and tear, and perfect for those who like it rough.  On the other hand, Fetherlite is durable yet comfortable enough for one to forget the feeling being encased in a piece of rubber while having sex. The crowd-winning Pleasuremax comes in a bright pink box and even though it is slightly thicker than its counterparts, the dots and ridges aid in giving that little extra bit of stimulation and undeniable joy.  Durex Love is also widely popular as it is much thinner in comparison to its counterparts, hence providing that added sensitivity without slipping.

Apart from these, there are a number of non-mainstream condoms such as Sir Richard’s natural latex condoms that are vegan and lack that offending latex flavor and smell.  In addition, tantric-style sheaths that are embellished with tattoo-esque designs not only served to maximize textured pleasure, but also instantly transform the penis into an exquisite looking shaft which I personally find to be rather disturbing but well, to each his own . With this knowledge, ladies no longer need to play a passive role when it comes to their partners’ selection of condoms. As for me, that very pack of Pleasuremax has been added to this weekend’s to-do list 🙂

Kathy W

A book editor by day and glutton by night. Kathy W's favourite activities include lounging with a cup of coffee, quietly observing the nincompoop ways of this planet and penning these down in her own words. These days, she can be seen juggling between sighing in exasperation at her mon cherie and stuffing herself with crème brûlée.


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