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HongKong Kink Con 2014 – Presenter Bios


HongKong Kink Con 2014 – Presenter Bios

With just slightly under 2 weeks to go before HK Kink Con 2014, SimplySxy is delighted to share with you all the 11 bios of the presenters who will be there from 14-16 February.  Read on to find out more about them!

Morpheus –

Morpheous (Hons B.A., B.Ed) is a sex educator/author and magazine/kinkyTV/radio consultant based in Toronto, Canada. His Education Series presents a variety of lectures to both graduate and undergraduate studies including: The U of T Sexual Diversity Studies inaugural lecture series in 2008, York University Alternative Sexuality Student Union, Washington University, Missouri, Wayne State and the University of Western Ontario and many others. He travels and presents across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, doing outreach to both academic and positive safer sex organizations. This is his second year presenting at HKKC.

He is the author of two books “How to be Kinky: A Beginner’s Guide to BDSM” (August 2008 Green Candy Press, San Francisco) and the followup, “How to be Kinkier: Your Guide to Safer BDSM“ (Green Candy Press, San Francisco – release date: spring 2012.)  His work is archived at the Sexual Representation Collection at the Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto, the Leather Archives of Chicago and the National Archives of Canada.

Every year he hosts the world’s largest single night public erotic Japanese rope bondage event during Nuit Blanche in Toronto, Canada since 2006.

Mistress Anna –

Mistress Anna has been a part of the Adult Industry for approximately 10 years and the last 3.5 years has seen her evolve in to Domination. She is self employed as a Pro Domme as well as being a qualified Personal Trainer and Beauty Therapist, which she has incorporated nicely into the mix via her Bootcamp Mistress/Forced Fitness and Body Maintenance for slaves courses.

She enjoys role playing an Angry Wife, Sadistic Nurse or Head Mistress mixed in with Corporal Punishment, especially O.T.K Spankings, Ball Busting, Cross Dressing, Water Sports, Anal play, Urethral Sounds, Rope and Temporary Piercing.

In the community, she leads the Sydney Dommes and subs Munch, and has presented at UBER and Sydney Leather Pride. She is “Rope Mistress” to CJ Blue and is being Served by Chastised Loser.


Decima trained and practiced as a teacher of Drama and Theatre Arts and has been involved in theatre and music most of her life. On retirement from teaching she opened HK’s first BDSM commercial dungeon which served as a meeting point for the community in Hong Kong for many years. Fetish Fashion welcomed many people from around the world who were on their own journey of discovery and provided a safe place to learn and share.

Decima worked closely with Cross Dressers and provided counselling for many people in the community who wanted better understanding of their sexuality. Her arrest and subsequent trial served only to make her more determined to educate those who wished to understand the BDSM lifestyle.

As a presenter her experience includes the World Sexology Conference in Singapore and in Hong Kong, and HKKC 1, where her workshop was rated the top workshop of the conference by conference goers. She also lectured for some years in Sexual and Gender Diversity at the University of Hong Kong. She is active in the BDSM community in Hong Kong, and Sydney, Australia on her frequent visits there.

At the moment Decima is completing her formal training in counselling and psychotherapy and looks forward to using her decades of experience in the BDSM community to help those of minority sexuality who look for reassurance and understanding.

Elle –

Elle has been involved in the BDSM community for about 14 years. In that time, she’s enjoyed bringing her expertise in human anatomy and physiology and her experience in rope, service and D/S to the community through teaching workshops and consulting for various print publications. For the past 3 years she has had the honour of lecturing on the subject of BDSM at the University level alongside her long-time friend and mentor, Morpheous. Elle has a personal passion for M/s, service, objectification, rope, power exchange, ceremony, protocol, ritual and boot worship. She is also the Producer and Director of the world’s largest single night Rope Bondage Exhibition, known as “MBE” which invites hundreds of rope enthusiasts from all over the world to perform in front of thousands of viewers in person and online each year.


Allura has been talking about sex since she learned to speak. After attending Carleton University for gender and sexuality studies, she went on the explore the sex industry firsthand for 3 years. She has worked in harm reduction and outreach for sex workers as well as other high risk groups. She is currently teaching and travelling the world.


Brian has been in the lifestyle for 17 years, and active in the community for 6 years. As one of the community leaders in HK, Brian is the founder and director of HKKC, and helps run the Sunday Munch. He is married to his sub, EmJ, and they have been in a 24/7 relationship for 4 years. He has a fetish for sensory deprivation, as well as the psychology behind D/s. In his professional life, he is an educator, event planner, and founder of HKKC.

Brian made his debut as a presenter at HKKC 1 with 3 workshops, and he has assisted in 4 lectures at HKU in 2013.

Milla Reika –

Milla Reika first began her career as a Mistress/Kinbaku Rope Artist in 2010 in Osaka, Japan. From 2011, Milla moved her career to the stage where she now performs regularly at Kinbaku/SM Events throughout Osaka and Tokyo.

In 2012, following the retirement of her Master, Takamine Ren, Milla took on management of Matrix SM bar on her own, as well as starting up [Nymphetamine] SM and Fetish Events.

In addition to Kinbaku based performances, Milla also extends her arena into Body Suspension, Body Modification/Piercing and SM shows involving torture and interrogation.

Nuit de Tokyo

NdT as he is commonly known as, is returning for his second HKKC. HK’s resident rope expert started reading Sade at 13, borrowing from the paternal library, and never really got out of SM since, courtesy of a very submissive first girl friend. In 2003, he moved to Japan and formally studied Japanese rope in situ with Osada Steve (2005-2011), Yukimura Haruki (2008-…) and Nawashi Kanna (2010-…).
He is a full member and licensed instructor of the Yukimura Haruki Ryuu under the name Haru Kakeru and was assistant to Yukimura Haruki during two workshops in Copenhagen and Los Angeles in 2012.

In March 2013, he performed recently in Tokyo for the 10th anniversary of The Gate, a large fetish party, and at the Deluxe Kabukicho Theater in Shinjuku as part of the Oo Nawa Asobi series of shows in April 2013.


Domaignes is a life long kinkster with much knowledge and experience of BDSM. He lives his lifestyle 24/7 usually with a slave, and always with a dungeon. He is fascinated by the mental and aesthetic appeal of BDSM and has a large collection of toys, implements, furniture, art, sculpture, books, clothing, whips and machines much of which is purpose made.

Domaignes is one of the community leaders in HK, and is teaching for his second time at HKKC.


Transhuman stepped into his first play party 10 years ago and has been dabbling in all things kinky since. Previously active in the NZ scene but now based in HK, he has been a local community leader for the last few years.

At HKKC 1 Transhuman presented the Skin Deep Play Piercing workshop and has guest lectured at HKU on BDSM and sexuality. Besides SM, Transhuman also has long term ambitions in improving sex education in Hong Kong.

EmJ – EmJ Photography

EmJ has been involved in the Canadian and Hong Kong scenes for 12 years. In 2008, she co-created FetLife, the world’s largest adult social networking site. Geared towards the fetish and kink communities, the site is getting ready to celebrate it’s 3 millionth member. In her professional life, Emily is an educator and a professional photographer. She has worked for high-end studios doing portrait work, but her true love is erotic photography.

EmJ is looking at pursuing a career is sexual heath and therapy, and in doing so she has Guest Lectured at HKU 3 times in 2013, and assisted with a 4th presentation, all of which were in bdsm.

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